Chapter OneMature

Meeting Miles

I walked down the empty streets of Mapleridge County. The town part that is. I would only enter the busy city of the county if I had to. In all actuality, I wanted nothing to do with the county except for its many mountains, forests, and fields. 

I was just on my way to November's Vampire Meeting. This month I was chosen to attend to this month's meeting. Most meetings I was voted to atternd to due to the fame I hold.

I'm known as Helena Wolv. I'm known for the many Vampires I've trained during my time as a Vampire. I've trained many Nobles and many others. Myself was trained by The Great Vampire Silvia. I was raised by Silvia when she found me in the woods, a new-born and already Immortal. I guess my parents abandoned me or my kidnapper who was Vampire had no need for me. But no matter what the case was, Silvia trained and raised me, teaching me the ways of a great Vampire. Of course when I turned the age of 12 she left me to fend for myself.

I've been alone since then. Now the age of 25. 

As I walked past the light-head that was my only source of unatural light I looked down at the letter sent to me by the Vampire Council that listed the names of the attending Vampires. Usually there are at least 30 Vampires attending with their Apprentices who have them. I searched through the names with hopeful eyes, scoping out Robin and Raven Genisis' names. 

Robin was my best friend and his little sister Raven was considered to be my own kin. Both of the two were trained by Vampire Jason, a member of the Resistance.

The Resistance is a group of Vampires who disagree with the Vampire Council's ways. Sure, the Vampire Council can be pushy, but it's for the best. Most of the Resistance is made up of Vampires who have been banned from the ways of the Vampire Code. The Resistance is small and most of the invasions they attempted failed. The Head of the Resistance is Head Gamae. She's old and not a very good leader in most's people's opinions. She leaves the Resistance members to fend for themselves without any sort of code.

A small smile spreaded across my lips as Robin's name was writen across the paper with Raven's below. That means that this meeting I wouldn't be alone to face Rex.

Rex. His name gave me disgust. Figures that all the meetings I attended, the Vampire who crushed on me attended as well. He was a fair Vampire. The kind who has all the Vampiress drooling over him. Except me. It's a shame for him to have the one girl he likes so forwardly turn him down. Rex and I were always good friends. Then he started to become the player he is now. Then he turned to start flirting with me. Of course the Council aproves of his choice as a mate and aproves our mateship, but I sure as Hell don't.

A bright moon shone above my head as I entered the territory that the Council used as meeting territory. The river where all the Vampires met at was hidden deeper into the mass of trees and I doubted any Mortals knew of this river. The forest appeared gloomy and full of shadows ready to attacked by your smallest movement. I give the Council praise for the hidden place they've chosen to hold meetings for generations ever time I enter the woods.

After one last glance at the street I walked off of to check for any sight of Mortals. I dashed into the forest and swerved my way around hedges and trees, onward to the river. After a few slow paces, I quickened my speed and soon broke into a run.


The thought that pased through my head as I ran. 

My speed graudily slowed as I neared the hedges that surrounded the river's clearing. I hid in one of the hedges and searched my way around the group of Vampires for Robin or Raven. Nothing. No one. Not even the little bound of Raven's brown hair she always kept in a pony-tail. Or Robin's black, long hair.

I continued my eager search for the two as a gentle breeze laped at me, mostly the back of my neck and dark-blonde hair. I scoped harder through the group of Vampires and Fledglings. Where are those two? They always search for me when they know I'm here... It's so hard to concentrate with that breeze...wait...

I was shocked by realization as I pinned the intruder behind me down to the forest floor. It wasn't a breeze after all. Just a frisky Vampire. I growled and pressed my hand to the stranger's throat. A familiar choking sound sounded from the strager. Wait... Mistaken again! This wasn't a stranger!

I bounded off of Rex just as fast as pinning him, screaming, "What the Hell, man!?!?" A deep chuckle came from Rex as he lifted himself up off of the ground. "Hey, calm yourself, Helena" he purred in his seductive voice he used so well. It never worked for me no matter how much he tried, though, I must say he tries terribly hard. 

I brushed off the dirt that dusted my Rise Against shirt and black skinny jeans. "Alright... Alright" I mumbled as I stared up at him. Oh, you could definatly give Rex the label of tall. And me the label short. "So. Long time no see, eh?" Rex smiled at me and ruffled his hair back into place. "Yeah. It's been awhile" my own hair was ruffled so I flatened it down.

A call sounding of my name sounded from outside the hedge. Robin! I shot a quick glance at Rex and dashed out of the hedge that gave us cover. "Robin!" I called and ran over to the boy who out-stretched his arms offering a hug. I embraced myself around him in a friendly way and turned to Raven's smiling face. "Helena! You'd never belive the doe I caught a week ago! It was the size of Canada!" I laughed at Raven's remark. "Oh, really?" 

Robin and Raven had a disgust for human blood. They preferred the animals that they could get their hands on. Implus animals were easier to catch and it was less complicated with the Council to hunt them. I preferred the taste of human blood, but that ment meals came less often than if I took animal blood. Occasionally I would take down a buck if I had gone that long without feeding.

Robin, Raven, and I shared conversations until Jade's call came from the middle of the clearing. Everyone's attention was turned over to the Head of Vampires. "Vampires, come gather so the meeting may start" Jade's sing-song voice rang out and all of the Vampires surrounded around her.

"Thank you all for coming to the meeting of November 2011" Jade started. I looked over at Robin to see his intention of watching all the news that Head Jade had to share. My mind raced from subject to subject as Jade fed to us the news of past hunts and the boring news of normal Vampire and Fledgling happenings, unable to bear the news that came every month. It was always the same things- this Vampire died. This Apprentice passing Apprenticeship. Vampires retiring from taking on new Apprentices. New mates. Small talk of the Resistance. It was all the same.

I slid my gaze to Minerva. "Minerva, do you have anything to share?" Minerva shook her head in response to Jade's question and Jade nodded. "That is all for this month's meeting. Fare well and may your hunts be succesful" Jade finished with her usual fare-well and drifted herself away from the crowd, her daughter and Deputy, Minerva trailing behind her heels. 

Robin turned to me with a faint smile, "Is this how it's been the past couple months?" I nodded in an answer and turned to Raven who was tugging at her brother's sleeve, whining, "Robby! I wanna go home! It's cold!" Robin gave me an apoligetic look. "Hey, don't worry about it, Robby . I'll see you around" I smiled at my best friend and punched his shoulder lightly before kissing Raven's head and turning to walk my way home.

"Helena! Wait up!" I sighed as I turned to see Rex manuavering his way through the group of girls crowding around him, trying to reach me. "Yeah?" I huffed out. "I was wondering if you wanted to hang out later on this week?" I sighed once more and looked up at him "Rex, you know how I am with other Vampires around..." He scratched the back of his head and looked up at the starry sky holding a full moon. "Yeah, yeah" He sighed. "Sorry"

I patted his shoulder in an awkward manner and made my way home. Home was where I was heading as I slowly made my way around trees, and bushes- the same ones I passed on my way to the meeting. I knew this path by heart since I take it every meeting. 

I reached the end of the tree-line and looked at the street, checking for any people making their way among the streets. Of course it was ridiculous at this hour and since lots of people enter and exit forests without suspision.

Making my way out of the forest, I continued to look around the street cautiously. I turned the corner that marked the end of the dirt road and walked past the small houses that made up the small, quiet town of Mapleridge County. I closed my eyes to the silence and stuffed my hands in my pockets. 

Up ahead I heard the faint sound of....Music! I opened my eyes and stared ahead of myself.

There stood a young man at the age of about 26. He looked at the ground as he shuffled his black converse along the sidewalk, his music blaring loud enough for my Vampires senses to tingle slightly. I watched as this tall boy walked closer to me unaware of my presence.

Then he looked up and saw me. There we stood, us two, under the light-head. I stood silently as he did, his music the only sound that drifted very faintly through the air. Rage Against Machine by the sound of it, matching his shirt.

His lips parted and he whispered, "Hey.." I cautiously stepped closer. "Hey" I replied in a cold voice that seemed to make the young man wince. He stood taller and cleared his throat. "Miles" he said, holding out a hand. I took his warm hand and shook it slightly, replying with, "Helena." He nodded and slightly smiled. "I've never seen you around here, Helena." "Yeah, well, I live up in the woods to the east." I nodded my head to the location where my territory lay with my small house behind masses of trees. "I've never been in there before" he replied. "It is kinda my property..." I replied cooly and awkwardly. His smirk said it all, but he still had to say it, "Maybe we should meet up sometime so I can see it. I'm always up for an adventure."

There I stood- stunned. This young man who I didn't even know wanted to hang out? It's been so long since I've been socail with a Mortal. 

That's what it was. He was just like Rex. This Miles was just another player that I usually wanted nothing to do with, but there was something about him that drew me close. "Maybe... If we meet up again, I suppose so..."

Without waiting for his answer, I walked rather fast away from Miles and didn't slow until I turned the corner that hid me from him. After standing on the dark street for a few moments, I headed the rest of the way home.



The End

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