Dead HeartsMature

Vampire Helena Wolv lived a perfect Vampire life, that is until two Mortals come into her life. Join Helena on her dramatic adventure against love, betrayal, spells, and much more. ~Do not read if you are against gays. And if you are- Screw you tonight at 12.

Introducing Vampires

Every Vampire has the basic abilities- speed, strength, spiritual connections, and senses. Each Vampire is also marked with a certain blood type, giving them a special ability,

Vampire Blood Types

Vampire blood types are ranked by rareness. l is the most common and X is the rarest.

Type l~Ability to bend water

Type ll~Ability to bend fire

Type lll~Ability to bend earth and natrure products

Type lV~Ability to bend air and storm products

Type V~Psychometric abilities

Type Vl~Telepathic abilities

Type Vll~Manipulation abilities

Type Vlll~Invisibility abilities

Type lX~Flight abilities

Type X~Hybird abilities


Vampire Council


Head Jade



Deputy Minerva


Lead Senator-

Senator Ash



Senator Fantasia

Senator Kit

Senator Jet

Senator Flint

Senator Senator Era


Vampire Code

-All Mortals Who Are Made Immortal, Must Be Assigned

-The Vampire Life Must Be Kept A Secret

-Vampires Must Keep A Lonely Life

-Vampires May Not Mate With Other Vampires, Unless Accepted By Vampire Council

-All New Fledglings Must Have A Mentor To Teach Them The Ways Of A Vampire

-All Mentors And Apprentices Must Record And Report Their Training

-The Vampire Code Comes Before Everything

-The Vampire Council Must Be Informed Of Any Changes In The Vampire World

-Mortals Are Killed For Prey, Not For Sport

-Every Full Moon, Vampires Meet At Night Rock. There Is No Fighting During This Time

-The Deputy Turns Into The Head When The Vampire Head, Then The Head Senator Takes The Deputy's Place, Then A Senator Is Then Chosen To Be The Next Head Senator

The End

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