Dead GirlsMature

I think that when you die, you get to go into this place where you could reflect upon your life, and then you'd get to choose what form of enlightenment would be best for you.

It would be a huge movie theatre, with the comfiest, plush seats, and all the popcorn you could want.  And it would just be you, maybe there would be a couple making out in the back, but you wouldn't notice any of the people, or have any connections to them.  And on the screen, your life would play.  You'd get to sit back and watch yourself grow, watch your heart-breaks and triumphs, your highs and lows, your losses and loves.  After that, you could exit out into the light, ready to take whatever path felt right.

It's silly, I know.  And though, like any other human, I have no idea what death would be like, I think everyone deserves a second chance in life, even if they're dead.

The End

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