Once upon a time..........
November 5th, 2389
Penmrak, East Germany
Order of Truth and Philosphy:Salvation Division

     Angela slept in that day.  She wasn't used to the peace and quiet of a world without alarms.  Normaly her neural implants would fire a electric shock into her brain to get things going, and help her awaken at a designated time.  But now that all her cybernetics had been removed, she could sleep without disturbance.  Another interesting thing was the capability of utalizing her mind while it was dormant, dream states could be manipulated so she could work on formulas and equations while she physicaly recuperated.  Without those devices however, she had the normal, incomprehensable dreams that every unaugmented person had.  The pearly white room had induced a strange dream about living in a frigid wasteland.  She had been busy building a snowman when a famillar bark startled her.  She slowly turned to face her old dog, Snowball who had died a few months back.  Tears welled up as Angela ran to embrace her puppy.
Then she awoke.  She had actually been crying, tears had dripped onto her pillows fabric.  She brushed away the few remaining tears and stared at the ceiling.  Her bedside clock now said 9:29.  Time to get up.  She rose and donned her white skintight suit, over that she put on a long white coat that trailed behind her in an elegant fashion.  Her golden hair fell freely down her back.  Her green eyes darted to the mirror.  Everyone said that she was a gorgeous woman.  She always wanted a mind that could support it though.  With a simple swish of her small hand, she activated the motion sensor, and the door to her quarters opened.

The statis team had pulled an all nighter double checking results of bioscans and preparing the experiment.  Angela walked in, followed by two guards who had rather heavy hardware for a simple guard duty.

"Sentinel, why do you have automatic firearms for internal security."  Angela asked.

"Ma'am, a bomb threat earlier today has some of the scientists worried."  The masked man replied.

"Bomb threat?"

"Yes ma'am, a threat to several scientists stating that if they proceed with several of their experiments, then they would be killed."

"Is there any actual danger."

"Precautions never hurt anyone ma'am."

Angela shrugged and went on her way.  She was greeted by a half dozen men in lab coats who asked if she got a good nights sleep.  Some joked that she didn't need it because she was "taking a decade nap in the freezer" which she giggled at.  Stading in the far corner of the room was the Head of Research Zorin Shneider.  He grinned when he saw Angela aproaching him and dropped what he was doing to talk with her.

"Angela, a stunning choice of attire!"

"My only choice of attire besides my pajamas, where did everything else go?"

"Ah, I took the liberty of having your wardrobe stored with your other personal belongings in the vault."

"I see.  Well then, shall we proceed?"

Zorin nodded and ordered his subordiantes to begin phase one of the experiment.  Steam flooded the room in slow waves that sluggishly rolled across the floor.  In the center of the lab, a circular chamber rose from the floor and connected with the roof.  Angela aproached the chamber and watched it slide open.

"The rejunvenation fluids are flowing and ready.  The computer has already calculated how much of the reserves will be necessary if prolonged stasis does occur."  Zorin said with great pride as his creation emitted another blast of steam.  "The machine is waiting on you."

"Well then.  I suppose it's time to say my goodbyes to the team."  She said.

The farewells were truly sentimental, some even led to tears being shed.  Soon the only person left was Zorin.

"Could you stick out your arm please?"  Zorin asked politely.

She curiously raised her arm to the level of Zorin's chest.  He drew a syringe and proceeded to slide the needle into her wrist.

"I thought my last procedure was yesterday."

"This is a garuntee so that the redesign fluids don't react violently to the seryum we're using to stop cell decay."  He replied.

"Zorin thank you for everything."  She said blushing slightly.

"Angela Strum.  I will dearly miss you."

She began to walk away when Zorin suddenly cried "Wait!"
She turned around as Zorin ran up to her and pulled her close.  They're lips touched and they kissed for almost a full minute.  They both enjoyed every second of the passion.
When they finally broke apart, she smiled brightly, and he returned with his grin.

"I promise that I will keep you safe."  Zorin swore.

Angela held him to it.  She walked back into the pod, and adjusted herself to a comfortable possition.  She would have to stay they're for a very long time.  The doors closed and within seconds she was being flooded with a variety of medical mixtures that would keep her body in pristine condition.  Suddenly a intercom turned on, Zorins voice filled the capsule.

"Okay, now this next part is going to feel very strange.  Do not panic, because although it might feel like your losing breath, your not, all body processes must be slowed for the first part of the preservation.  Everything will return to normal once you fall asleep."

She fought off the urge to yell out and calmed herself with several meditation based tactics.  She felt the needles enter her arteries.  Drip by drip, the solutions began to take effect on her body.  Every moment felt slower, and more prolonged.  In less time than it takes to pull the slide on a pistol, she fell into a century sleep.

The End

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