Where did the lights go?

Gaia. Our world, now left to rot. In the time it took to make this place, it's incredible how quickly we tore it down. The cities are now mearly husks of what was once civilization. And yet we still think we will find the materials, and the strength to rebuild.
This is our world. And ours alone.

  Towering skeletons of ancient constructions dotted the horizon.  I would not have noticed them if the they hadn't distored the glow of the dawn.  As I drew closer, these structures became larger and more frequent.  My pace quickened to the point where the buildings were rising at the same rate as the sun itself.  I couldn't help myself, this was the first time I had ever seen the fabled ruins that once posessed my brethern.  They truly were a work of art.  Although the sands tear and wether them, they still stand tall and beautiful.  Why would someone look at these hellish wastes and stare at rubble with looks of astonishment?
Because these places are filled with new oppertunity.


          Whatever I thought then was different now.  I looked at these places now with eyes that show disgust.  A couple weeks living here and I had already learned of the others who came here wanting the rule this ancient city.  Now I had little alternative but to lay in the shadows and watch for something that might be of benifet.  Any material item at all.  Even encouragement or willpower would be helpfull.  Here, everyone is desperate for whatever free handout they can recieve.

Today, I was hungry.  I had enough water, I put buckets wherever condensation might gather and drip.  My current home was located in a tunnle.  I was unsure of what the man made cave system was used for in old world times, but it was a lot easier to hide underground.  My last "house" was torched by some scavangers who thought they could drive me out by destroying what little shelter I had cobbled together.  Best part about living in a damp cave is it is pretty resistant to molotovs.

Currently I was perched a couple hundred meters above three mask wearing men.  They were currently digging through a scrap heap that I my self had caused by loosening the supports for the second layer of a nearbye building.  I was hungry, and they had brought some kind of food that I could already smell.  I ran my knife against my toungue, tasting the edge of my rusted blade.  The hilt was wrapped in a red cloth that I had pulled from some tapestry in one of these buildings.  The blade was curved and was nearly the length of my own skull.

My blade had seen much use in the mere two weeks I had lived here, but not near as much usage as my glide wings.  These wings gave me a gift unrivaled by anything:flight.  I wasn't sure what they were actually made of, but it felt like a fabric.  It was bonded to several braces that folded up into my jacket.  I controlled them with wires that connected to my fingers.  I could pull the wires up or push them down to my wrist when I needed my hands.  I had never been able to use them to their full potential until I arived at the ruins.
I watched as one man clime over the pile of scrap to a secluded section, cut off visually from the others.  A perfect opportunity to attack.  The sun was quickly falling behind me.  The moment it's golden body touched the horizon, I jumped.  I fell a considerably long distance before I spread my wings to slow my decent.  That was when I hit a problem, a gust stuck my wings skewing me from my target drop zone.  I fought to maintain my flight, but found myself getting thrown around in the violent cascade of wind that had been funnled through this canyon of buildings.  I crained my neck to see how far I drifted from the scavanger.  He was busy digging through the scrap metal pile next to him.  And had his back turned to me.  I opened my wings as much as I could, trying to turn myself against the wind.  I was blinded and my face was sand blasted as I faced the oncoming air currents.  I quickly closed my wings and turned around flinging them out again.  The air struck my wings and sent me flying upwards nearly double the hight of the buildings below me.  As the wind subsided, I spiraled downwards so I could once again be in an attack position.  The wind was warm.  Not tropically warm like they say in old world manuscrips, but a musty, polluted warm.  It wasn't pleasent.  It tasted foul and deposited vast quantities of earthly materials along it's path.  And also, it prevented me from noticing the man getting up, looking at me, and knocking an arrow in his bow.  How he saw me, I'm not sure, but he was already arming a countermeasure against me.  I saw the arrow and swerved to dodge it.  In the brief pause while he was reloading, I began my rapid decent, knife bared.  I easily passed one-hundred kilometers an hour.  I could already distuingish his gas mask by the time I closed my wings.  The collision was all it took to render him incapacitated.  My landing was just short of a gaping hole in the ground.  Within it was a mass of long metal rods that each could have individually impaled me.

"Bilau?  Tolo centerete!"  Yelled one of the men.  I didn't know the language, but assumed it meant something like "Come to me!"

I tried to gauge the distance by the sound of his voice but couldn't get a fix.  So I waited.  It wasn't long before one of them aproached their fallen comrad's position.

"Bilau?"  He yelled.

I was laying behing a chunk of concrete.  I didn't sadly have the time to hide the body, so he insantly saw it.  Although his face was covered, I could tell there was fear.
He jumped back and began to run.  I crept out of my hiding place and over to the top of the scrap mound.  I could see the two remaining men talking with each other.  One was sitting, his mask was off and he was eating something shiskebabed on a metal rod.  After a brief exchange of words, he donned his mask and grabbed a long piece of pipe.  The other grabbed some sort of makeshift sword.

I had followed them for the last few minutes while the sun went down.  As soon as darkness set in, I set my plan into motion.  With the bow that I had returned and taken from the now dead scavanger, I fired two arrows into the twisted metal debris next to them.  They both turned to the location where the arrows hit leving their backs open.  I leaped down from my sniping spot and glided over to them.
The first fell so swiftly that he didn't even feel the blow.  But now I had engaged the other man who had seen me out of the corner of his eye.
He twirled the metal pipe and swiped it at me.  He grazed my jacket and for that I could not forgive him.  My knife went right through his mask.  And now, it dripped with blood.

I did get my food.  But it wasn't as plentiful as I had hoped.  The men had very little that was actually usefull, but I did keep the bow.  I gathered all the food I could find and prepared to head back to my cavern.


The End

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