Sally opened the front door and rushed into the kitchen to see her sister sat watching her from the dining table, whilst talking on the phone.

‘She's just arrived now Jeff, I'll call you in a bit to let you know how she is.’

With a warming cup of tea placed in front her, Sally joined her sister and started to go through everything that had happened not just in the last twenty four hours, but also all the way through her relationship with Martin. It was only really the last day that Cat didn't know about, but she knew better than to try and interrupt Sally when she was upset.

Fifteen minutes later Cat had good cause to stop the conversation. The flashing blue lights alone would be enough to make anyone curious about what was happening, but them being right outside Mrs Singh's house made that curiosity all the more relevant.

On leaving their childhood home they were immediately confronted by the sight of a full body bag being carried into the ambulance, and Martin, hand-cuffed, being led from Mrs Singh's house to a police car.

The death threat the night before had been all too serious.

The End

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