The scream

Her body shook, and a long awaited scream sounded as the arms round her waist pulled her backwards.

‘What are you doing? You almost just got run over!!’

The stranger let go of her, and pointed at the rapidly departing car that had seconds earlier had to swerve onto the other side of the road just to avoid her. With tears in her eyes, and too shocked to reply, she stepped away from the man and started running as fast as she possibly could.

Out of breath, and nerves severely frayed from all that had happened over the last twenty four hours, she arrived on her own street. Seeing her own house, along with the thought of her sister being there to comfort her as she had when they were much younger, her tired and emotionally drained psyche reverted to an almost childlike state. She began to call out Cat's name just as readily as she did when hurt or scared as a child and the only people to look after her until her parents returned were her older sister or neighbours.


The End

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