What follows?

Not long after her most recent of altercations, she'd started to think she could see Martin following her. Using tricks seen in films, she'd double back, take extra time in shops, and look for his reflection in conveniently positioned windows. None of those techniques proved that he was there, but nevertheless she kept on performing her new routines. With a full ten minutes to go before she got home, and with her nerves almost fully depleted she decided to ring her sister Catherine, asking her to meet her at home.

‘Why didn't you just take a taxi home rather than walking?’ asked the older of the two sisters. It was a sensible question, and now that she thought about it, the answer was one she was too embarrassed to say out loud. Simply put, her panicked self had been so focused on evading the imagined pursuer that the thought hadn't even occurred to her!

‘I'm too far off any main routes to get a taxi now, and it'll only take me another ten minutes to get back.’

‘Okay. Well I'm leaving now and will be at yours with the kettle on by the time you get home. I'll see you in a bit, be careful’.

‘Thanks Cat, I'll see you shortly.’

Sally continued the walk home, the earlier haunting feeling of being followed now gone. Replaced, not by peace or relaxation, but a sense at least of someone welcoming, waiting at home to greet her.

The End

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