Friday night

The weekend had started off badly for Sally. On Friday night she had split with her boyfriend of twelve months after he’d finally admitted to having run over her latest cat. It wasn’t this third cat’s death that had finally pushed her to end it, although it had quite obviously contributed, but more the fact that he’d lied and blamed its death on her neighbour. A false accusation that seemed to have caused her thirty year almost familial relationship with the Singhs next door to deteriorate quite drastically.

The combined effect of that along with the 'in his care' accidental death of two of her previous cats, and occasional violent outbursts, had finally helped her to gather up the strength to do what her friends and family, especially her sister, had been advising for a while, and kick him out of her life.

He'd not taken the rejection well, and it was only with the assistance of and a threat to call the police from her neighbour did he finally and loudly leave. Mrs Singh, standing protectively in front of her, just like she had when Sally was a child and had being chased home by neighbourhood bullies, shuddered as Martin went.

‘You f***ing b***h, you cared more about those cats than you ever cared about me’

‘I should have killed you, aswell as those f***ing cats!’

The End

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