Hello....... dead me.

     The sunlight hit the thick curtains of Nile's room and the strong bright rays did not have the natural effect inside the room, instead the room seemed lit in a dark way as if the light had decided to stay behind the shadows. 

  The silence broke as the main door closed and people were heard talking downstairs. Nile woke up startled wondering how long she had slept she looked at the clock on the bedside, it showed 3 am. With raised eyebrows she figured that the batteries had died. Cursing the wretched morning she headed towards the bathroom to freshen up. 

 Ten minutes later Nile closed her bedroom door and walked down the staircase, fingers crossed hoping her parents hadn't noticed her absence the night before. When she reached downstairs she got the familiar smell of coffee and found her father seated across the dining table reading the newspaper as usual. She said, "Good morning Dad" and headed towards the cabinet to fix herself some breakfast. She was surprised since her dad didn't reply, forget replying he didn't even act as if she was standing there. She shouted, "Good morning dad! " again going closer to him but her dad remained there reading the newspaper completely oblivious to her presence. 

   Then she saw something that just shook her from within, she stared at it for sometime forgetting to breath. She caught the chair to hold herself from falling down, with wide eyes she stared as her fingers swept right across the chair. She fell slowly, her eyes fixed in the newspaper as she uttered the date across the newspaper, "30th March 2012". 

   Daniel Bradford, Nile's father looked over his newspaper. He felt like someone was calling him, calling him in a muffled voice. He sighed and looked back at the picture in the paper he had been seeing for the past ten minutes, his heart still ached as he looked at his daughter's picture. He read the lines below the picture,

"Nile dearest , you are still remembered

in the hearts of your family and friends.

We wish you hadn't left us so early 

and if we could built a staircase out of tears

we would come and bring you back." 

   With tears glistening in his eyes he folded the newspaper. He still remembered the fateful night as if it were yesterday but then tried to shut down the memory as he reminded himself that it was five years ago, his daughter has been dead for five years now.

The End

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