her dusty bedroom...

   Nile tried to remember last night's events, " That may help to explain why I woke up in the graveyard this morning." she wondered. But her head ached as she tried to think. The only thing she remembered was that it had been a friday night and she and her friends had headed out for some fun. She wondered where her friends Emma and Sandra were. 

  Nile headed to her closet to change into something more comfortable. She looked around her room, everything seemed as she had left it the other night except everything seemed so dusty and old as if no one had entered her room for years. Wondering how much more weird her morning could get she slipped into her pyjama's pulled off the dusty bed cover and got in her comfortable bed. She smiled as she experienced the familiar comfort of her bed and hoped to find a reasonable explanation to the morning's events . She didn't dare go down for breakfast so early though she felt like she hadn't eaten in years. Moreover she didn't want her parents to suspect anything because she usually woke up late during the weekends. 

The End

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