a bad morning?? or a dead morning??

         Nile could not believe her eyes, the morning had been so perfect and normal as usual. She pinched herself wishing this to be a nightmare but it was not. "Oh my god! This can't be happening to me." mumbling to herself she frantically looked around for a road to lead her out.  

       As she walked along those path surrounded by rows and rows of graves she really hoped this to be one of the pranks played by her elder brother Nate."I am gonna strangle him." She promised to herself and stopped abruptly thinking she heard some footsteps following her. She turned around hoping to see Nate or one of his stupid college friends laughing seeing her like this. She scanned the entire place but saw no one and called out,"Anyone there??? Nate? " The graveyard had always given her chills and she could not wait to get out of there so she started to walk as fast as she could.

     This graveyard was where her grandparents and family had been buried and she knew the place pretty well so she didn't have any trouble getting to the main road. It was very early in the morning and didn't seem to be carrying her purse so she decided to walk her way home.

     As she walked she tried to remember what had happened the  other night as she was fully dressed and still wearing her shoes.But when she tried her head ached as if someone was waiting to hit her head with a hammer as soon as she started thinking.She saw few joggers , a milkman, newspaper men on her way and was surprised that they did not stare at a girl wearing her party wear and walking on the street that early in the morning.

   The view of her house around the corner gave her a relief, she stood in the front porch and decided to go through the back rounding stairs to her room instead.She didn't want to be grounded for something like this.She slowly went to the backyard and climbed up the stairs and opened her door.

   As she got in she did not find her room as it had been the last time she had seen it at all.The room was all dusty and her bed and chairs all covered up as if it had been kept like that for years. She was speechless for the second time in one morning.



The End

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