dead but not gone...

a dead story about a dead girl.

It was that time in the morning when you can hear the birds chirping loudly yet sweetly. As Nile opened her eyes her sight was obscured by a single ray of sunlight hitting right in her pale beautiful face. She managed to open her eyes by shadowing her face with her hands dropping her legs to the ground. 

"Aaaarrggghhhhhh ...." She screamed!!! She looked around and found herself sitting on top of a white grave in a graveyard ! She could feel goosebumps rising all over her body as she jumped up quickly and nearly fainted at the sight of the epitaph on that grave. 

It said,              " Nile Bradford

                         1990 - 2007

Here rests a daughter,a sister, a BFF, a person so full of Love

who filled our lives with her love. We will truly miss you! " 

The End

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