dead and deadlier




Most stories begin with "Once Upon A time" or "There once was a lovely little boy who lived in a world filled with tiny white fluffy bunnies...............and balh blah blah balh!!

Well this is not one of those stories , it's not even close because this stories begins at the end, not The End of course because that would be stupid and this book would stop Now..........................................

No, this begins at My End or to be more precise the end of my life!

It seems funny to me now that after fourteen tormented and uneventful years that my death would in fact change everything, nothing would or could be the same death was in fact, the beginning of my life!

So let's begin on the day I met my untimely demise and what catapulted me in to a bizarre string of events that were about to unfold.  It was a Friday; it had been raining hard all day. The sort of rain that bounces when it hits the floor like some possessed Irish folk dancer, huge pools had formed all around my schools playground and fields! This of course meant we had to stay inside all day.

 I had spent most of the time in my lessons stirring out of the windows watching the weather do its best to wash away the blue painted lines which surrounded the football and netball courts. It wasn't a bad attempt. I was only in my second class of the day Math's. I had really hated maths! (Even in my death I still feel a shiver of terror run down my spine at the thought of that class) and especially the math's teacher Mr. Hartley.  He was without doubt one of the foulest creatures I had ever met! Whilst I was still breathing! And believe me I have met a few since but he is still up there in my top ten!

 Mr. Hartley detested children; he really disliked every small girl or boy that crossed his path or sat in his class, which is hard to imagine that he would actually choose to be a school teacher? I used to think to myself that at some point in this man's life he must have liked what he did? He must have!  If he ever did, that time had long since past. So there I was sat in the back of Mr. Hartley's math's class dreamily staring out the window.  Mr. Hartley was droning on about if A =3 and B=17 then what would C represent............I had switched off after this first question, a boy in the front of the class had hazard a guess at it, he'd got it very wrong so he got a piece of chalk, very accurately thrown I might add, lodged in his nostril!!. Mr. Hartley continued to patrol his class firing out imposable questions, questions that where far beyond the realms of the age of the children , he then relished in the fact that none of them could get it right, it was a form of torture! He had a huge snarling grin and his eyes where as wide side plates as they darted from one cowering pupil to the next. Moving swiftly form desk to desk with the all the grace and manor of a Nazi Prison guard! I could see his reflection in the window he was at the far side of the room tormenting a small girl for the reasons why she couldn't explain PIE.

"No not your mummy's pie .......STUPID Girl" ‘YOU HAVE TEN SECONDS TO GIVE ME PIE TO 10 DECIMAL PLACES" he spat and screamed at her.

 "' cried the panic stricken girl "I....don't....understand" she had started whimpering, quite loudly.

 As she realized the desperate situation she was now in! I could his reflection lowering himself down so his towering figure and monstrous face was level with the clearly hysterical girl, the rest of the class just stared not daring to breath never mind move!

"Yes girl........decimal places! And no it's not the name of the council area you and your despicable parents live.........before you ask!" he said calmly, his lips pulled back over his yellow cigarette and coffee stained teeth as he articulated each syllable.

"b b b b but butt....sir we haven't done this ....y.....yet sir?" pleaded the girl, tears welling up in her eyes as she desperately tried to disappear in to the back of her chair!

"OOHH That's your excuse, is it " but but but sir you haven't taught me that yet" he gleefully mocked " Soooo do I have to Teach you sniveling cretins everything...........You SHOULD JUST KNOW IT.........why should I have to waste MY TIME explaining everything to you horrible Stupid PEOPLE!!! Do you think someone told me the answer's to everything NO sometimes you just have to use your own BLOODY BRIANS"! He spat "So girl, tomorrow I want an answer ask your parents.............they won't know but it will be funny to see what answer they give you"

He walked away back to the front of the class and the girl sighed a huge sigh of relief.........she had got away lightly and she was smiling nervously. That's when it hit not the answer ....a lump of chalk thrown like a dart from the front of the class and struck her hard in the middle of her fore head, she fell forward clearly dazed!, her head hitting the math's text book in front of her.

 "Sir you knocked her out sir" said a boy sat next to the unfortunate girl

 "Well will give her time to think about the answer hey BOYYY!" came his quick reply.

‘now children.........OPEN YOUR BOOK'S TO PAGE 12...................AND........."

The worse was over, I went back to studying the rain, which was now beginning to slow, lazily bouncing  off the school' bike shed roof. The wind had picked up a little I could tell by watching the trees which lined the schools grounds slowly swaying. The leaves shaking the collected rain away.

That's when I first saw her; she was standing by one of the trees, her head and shoulders leaning out from behind the trunk. She didn't seem to be bothered by the weather outside and she wasn't in school uniform. She was just standing there staring up at the school, looking straight at the windows. I could clearly see her looking from window to window studying each one for awhile before moving on to the next.

 She was about four windows to my left. I looked in awe at this small girl.

 "Who was she" I thought, she couldn't belong to the school as she wasn't in the uniform and I couldn't recall ever seeing her before. She was too far away to get a clear look at her face?

The strange thing I noticed was that no matter how hard the wind blew against the trees, it had no effect on her. She was wearing a long black dress which didn't move that's was weird I thought, but the weirdest ting was her hair, it was also black and also completely still. No matter how hard the trees where swaying in the wind!!

She moved to the next tree along and again, hid behind the trunk. When she moved she didn't seem to walk just sort of glide over slowly and purposefully.

 I t had been a long day maybe I was seeing things?

Then she moved again slowly gliding over to the next tree her head was now pointing at the window next to the one I was sat!

"Who was she looking for"?

She ducked back down behind the tree as if she was hiding from something............. or someone.  I looked around the class to see if anyone else had noticed this strange girl outside in the rain, everyone was busy or at least trying to look busy with their work.

Mr. Hartley was sat behind his desk lazily eating a sandwich, he was a disgusting eater, always kept his mouth open as he shoved more bread cheese and god knows what else in to his mouth, chewing noisily as he studied the class of terrified pupils with pure glee in his eyes!.

Once again I turned towards the trees, I couldn't see her. I quickly looked from tree to tree to see if she had moved somewhere else, maybe she was still hiding? I looked hard at all the possible hiding places that could be used, t

The side of the bike shed? No!

 The bottom of the playing field where the rose bushes where! one! Maybe she was just part of my imagination?

 I continued to study all around outside looking for any signs for her or any movement! When I noticed in the window the reflection of MR Hartley! He was standing behind me breathing heavily down my neck; the whole room had gone silent! I turned slowly around!

‘YOU BOY" He screamed loudly in to my ear "what is the answer!!" he slapped his hands down hard on to my desk the resulting sound quickly snapping around my head like thunder, I looked in to his wide infuriated eye's. Up close I he was a very intimidating man, his skin was red and his eyes of the palest blue, his nose was long and pointy, his teeth sharp at the edges. In many ways he was like the human form of a shark.

"Sorry..........sir...I...ii.....?!?! What was the question" I pleaded.

"What was the question..........WHAT WAS THE QUESTION!! I'm not surprised you don't know the question BOOOOOOOOOOY!" he leaned over me grabbed hold of my head with one hand and spun my head around so I was looking directly in to his piercing wide eyes!

I could smell his breath, stale coffee and cheese from his sandwich most of which was still around his teeth and was now being spat in to my face a he shouted


At this the whole class erupted in to fits of nervous laughter, that's when I noticed every pair of eyes in the class staring at me each accompanied by a grin which was half relief that they weren't the ones he was screaming at and excitement about what he was going to do to me!

‘I was listening sir.....but......there was a .....A ... girl sir!"  I cried "outside.....sir"

‘A GIRL, BOY............I DON'T CARE IF THE WAS AN ELEPHANT DOING CARTWHEELS ACROSS THE PLAYGROUND BOY!!! When you're in my class you give me your FULL ATTENTION! What is your name ..........your new here aren't you?? "

No sir" "I have been here since the first grade  ...Sir?!?" I managed to say against the smell and the bits of flying food "my name is Sam, Sir! Sam Wiggins!

‘Sam Wiggins??" Never Bloody heard of you boy!! You sure you're supposed to be in my class, YOU LOOK like a very Stupid boy to me Sam and I find hard to believe you dressed yourself this morning???"

The whole class erupted with laughter at my discomfort as I squirmed in my chair, he let go of my head and stood to his full height.

Just leave me alone I wished and everyone can just carry on ignoring me, I didn't like any attention at all especially this sort!

One of the boys from the front of the class called out "Yes.....I have seen him before, sir! That's wiggie Wiggins, sir!! He's a weirdo, sir!!"

‘Yeh "cried another voice somewhere over to my right "we don't have much to do with him, sir even my parents have said he is a bit simple, sir!!"

‘well....well simple hey.............yeh he defiantly looks simple to me!' said Mr. Hartley slowly, he was smiling  as he watched me squirming in my seat, as if he was feeding off my discomfort and sheer terror of what was going to happen.

To make things worse I was now sweating form head to toe!

‘well I don't care if he is simple or a weirdooooooooooooooo!" he dragged the last sound of the word weirdo, to more nervous laughter from the class.

‘I will ask him one more time" he lowered his face once more towards mine, again the smell from his breath filled my nostrils making me feel quite sick!

‘If boy A had twenty five sweets and girl C had 69 sweet, and they shared them out equally between themselves and YOU, Wiggie!! How many sweets would you have between you all??? HMMMMM!!"

He smiled a long smile the sort a hunter would give as he lined up his sights on a small baby deer out in the woods before blowing off its head!!.

"Err......"my mind was racing, I couldn't think................the whole class had gone eerily silent! I could hear my own heart pounding loudly inside my chest; sweat was now clearly dripping from my forehead!

"Err..........25 plus.......err.......69? Divided by!"

"Go on Boy, we are waiting!!!" beamed Mr. Hartley

"Is...................thirty....."My mind was racing trying it best to put the numbers together.

The whole class was on the edge of their seats, every boy and girl held their breath.



"IS.....thirty one sir!! Thirty one......"  I sighed as I finally got the answer out despite all the pressure.

"WRONG.......BOY HAHAHAAH! HE is simple!!" Mr. Hartley's reply startled me, I knew I was right. I was like a rabbit caught in the head lights of a car I just sat and stared at this evil man.

"WRONG...................THE ANSWER IS NONE, none boy!! Why on earth would they want to give you any sweets, boy!!? No one would give sweets to a weirdo like you!? Hahahahahaa" Mr. Hartley burst out in to a fit of laughter and so did the rest of the class, I sank deeper in to my chair just wanted to die, wanted the whole world to swallow me up and never spit me back out. I felt drained emotionally and physically!

"So pay attention from now on boy" said my Hartley turning around and walking calmly back to the front of the class! All the children's eyes followed him back to his desk to make sure nothing else was going to happen and that he wasn't suddenly going to pounce on to one of them!

With my heart still pounding from my ordeal, I reached forward and opened my math's text book, the sweat was still poring form my forehead and my shirt underneath my jumper was soaked!

With my mind racing, I looked up and back through the window.............................and there straight in front of me staring through the glass from the outside was the girl!!

Her black eyes only a few inches away from mine.....I couldn't breath, I was gripped by pure terror, her pale lifeless face moving slowly side to side as she studied me un blinking!  And right there at that moment I fainted.........!.


When I eventually awoke,

 I found myself in the schools medical room, it was a small room with simply a bed and a cabinet on the wall marked with two red crosses. Inside were just paracetamol and some plasters and bandages!

"God help anyone who ever had a serious injury whilst at school" I thought to myself.

 I was led down on the bed, it had a thick plastic mattress which was sticking to my sweaty skin, I had know idea how long I had been there and could just remember being in the math's class and the next waking here!

 As I led there contemplating and trying to rememeber the morning's events the door to the white medical room open and in stepped Mrs. Cribs. She was an elderly lady, short and took her role as school nurse very seriously. On the few occasions that I had met during my time at school she always seemed to be very caring and at times to caring!

"OOO you're awake dear" she coo'ed in delight "you fainted in your class, my poor sausage!"

"I... I fainted, embarrassing? I was feeling ok...I think but I can't really remember?"

‘That's ok my lovely, most people don't remember things straight away after a thing like this..............your mind will be a little fuzzy wuzzy" she said in her overly sweet and cheery voice

"Fuzzy Wuzzy!!?! Was that a medical term" I chuckled to myself; I didn't know what was worse fainting in class or now being treated like I sick cute puppy by  Mrs. Cribs.

"There was one thing which might help, young Sam?  When we brought you in here you were mumbling something about a girl!! Maybe you was overwhelmed by her....hehehhehe......young love!, is she a girl in your class?" as she had said this I started to recall the girl outside in the rain.

 The girl who was hiding and looking for something?

 The girl who had been staring right at me through the glass!!.

"The Girl............" I cried "yes that's right the girl she ......she......err!" I decided not to tell Mrs. Cribs about my encounter with the ghostly girl I would only makes things worse and she would probably think I was crazy

" YEHH.....she is in my know what it's like" I said sheepishly

"Well I did once my dear, I was a young girl myself once............but that was a long time ago................I remember when I first met Mr. Cribs...." She began

I cut her off sharply, the last thing I wanted to here was about how Mrs. Cribs had meet her husband, if I had to eundure that I would have fainted again out of pure boredom.

"Mrs. Cribs I have a head ache do you have anything?" I asked quickly before she got stuck in to her story!

‘ ooohhh you have a poorly heady weady wake , let me see?"

she looked in the in small mirrored medical cabinet on the wall, it was empty apart form a half torn bandage and a box of plaster's

" well it seems we are out of paracetoml my dear,............Oh Hold on I think there is some in the staff room.........the teachers here seem to use a lot of them heheheh blame it you guys ?"," I will go take a look......I won't be long deary" she said as she strolled  out of the door

 " And no more thought s about this girl, you hear!" she said with a sweet smile as she closed the door and disappeared down the corridor.

No more thoughts about the girl, she was the only I could think about! Who was she?  Why had she tried to scare the hell out of me?

 I lifted myself up on to my elbows I was deep in thought about her, when the door to the medical room opened slightly and then stopped!

There was no sound!

 ‘Hello' I said 

The door opened a little more

" hello Mrs. Cribs...heloooo" I was trying to sound as calm as I could,

 I could hear breathing ever so slightly coming from behind the door; it was a soft sound as if someone was breathing as lightly as they could.

 A hand appeared around the edge of the door! I sat up sharply and pressed my back against the wall, the hand was small, and the skin was defiantly a girl's hand!

"HELLLLOOOOOOOOO, who s there!!! " I cried desperately fighting my own fear and to try to stay as calm as possible! The soft breathing stopped and I heard a giggle a soft girly giggle from behind the door!

 "OH my god I thought it's her's the girl, who are you, why are you trying to scare me!! Go away!!"  I stammered to the half open door and more importantly to the pale white hand which was holding on to it

‘Don't be afraid, Sam!" said the softest voice Sam had ever heard, it was like a light breeze and the sounds of the words just floated around my ears, it sounded like a angle was singing!

 "I'm not here to hurt you, Sam I'm here to warn you!"

"Warn me, warn me about what?" ‘WHO ARE YOU, AND WHY CAN I ONLY SEE YOU HAND!!" I had tried to sound as brave as I could but just plainly sounded hysterical!

"My name Is Laura and you can only see my hand because the rest of me is behind this door silly boy...." Giggled the soft soothing voice.

 "Do you want to see me, Sam? "'"The last time you fainted! That's not polite is it!!?"

" WELL ... I... err .............I only fainted because you scared the hell out of me!?, you can't just creep up on people like that you know!!..........err.....Laura!" I said bravely.

 I was beginging to calm down if she was here to hurt me she could have done it already by now........and her voice was so soft and gentle it was begining to put me at ease.

 "Show yourself!?".............Please?" I added just in case.


The first time I saw Laura was simply one of the scariest things of my life, up until that point.

 I remember as the door slow opened I could feel the air all around turning cold; there was no sounds apart from the softness of her breath.

She stepped forward through the door; she was a brilliant pale white.  So white her skin had a soft glow all-around her and her hair was pure black.

 it hung long around her shoulders, down to the middle of her back. It didn't move at all. It blended in with her black dress, blacker than the darkest night and if you looked close enough you could small points of light like tiny stars shining all across.

Her face was expressionless, she just stared ahead unblinking, her black eyes just staring forward as though she could see everything around her all at once, she was scary.  I had just sat there staring at her taking in everything about her, I didn't know how long for but I had been holding my breath.  all of a sudden I let out a huge gasp of air, she had quite simply taken my breath away.

For all her haunted look,

 Her pale skin

Her motionless expression,

 She was absolutely beautiful.....................................???

"wow" I said .

"Wow" she giggled.

"Is that all you can say? "the sound of her voice again filled my ears and washed all around my head.

‘Listen I have to go! I have already spent too much time her. What I'm about to say is very important .............You are in danger Sam, you have to be careful" her voice had quickened, she looked around from side to side as though someone could be listen to what she was saying.

‘be carefull on your way home Sam"

"Be Watchful......................for they are watching you".


The End

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