Lilly walked out of the club. Her face bright. Her black hair flew off her shoulders. Her green, jewel like eyes lit the night sky.

She took a step toward the bike stand of the neighboring store. Her bike was chained to the rack. She took the key and unlooked it. She slipped her notebook into her bag and she climbed onto her bike. She begin to peddle away form the polish club.

Her face begin to sweat, even though it was fifty out. The fact was she was proud. Her Mom and sister would be proud. Her teacher, Mrs. Kolly would be proud.


If only I could take it in.

She thought.

Mrs. Kolly had read it and liked it. But, she said that it was a little TO scary for school. Stupid first graders.


She turned down Lincoln street. She had a block or two left. She begin to push, faster and faster.


The car lights came out of nowhere. The little child who had ran into the street was to late.


Lilly screamed

The End

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