Chapter 2: The World Tournament

Chapter 2: The World Tournament

12 months earlier.

"Welcome to the 80th World Martial Arts Tournament!"

"Please register at the registration office in the east building."

"Hey, Bezal over here." The green namekian yelled with a huge smile on his face from inside the temple.

"Hey, Gabec! You got here early." Bezal replied, as he ran towards him. Looked at him, always amused by his tiny black eyes, unlike him Gabec was tall. He was extremely noticeable especially with his blue handkerchief which he always wrapped around his head, with his antennas popping out from them. They looked like an odd pair, because of their unique fashions. Compared to Gabec, Bezal had spiky black hair, which stuck up weirdly, trying to imitate his hero, Goku. He also always wore a blue headband, where the ends were so long they almost touched the floor. His eyes were large and black and he surprisingly had fair skin. The only thing the two had in common were that they were both muscular.

"Ya, let's hurry and register for the tournament."

The two ran to the registration office. When inside, the office was divided into two sections. One for the junior division, which was filled with a bunch of children from varying ages, gathered in a mess. The two stared at their competition, realizing that most of the participants were participants were much older, and bigger than the two. On the other side, there was the main division registration, where all the adults lined up, neatly. The two hurried and got in to the line for the junior division.

"Man, this sucks we'll be fighting against a bunch of snot nose brats." Gabec complained with a sour look on his face. Bezal could tell he was putting on a front, his legs were shaking violently, as if he was ready to piss himself.

"Ha ha, this is the world tournament, we'll definitely find someone strong. Let's show them what we've learned from Master, these past few years." Bezal said laughing it off.

"We'll show everyone the power of the New Turtle Style."

They both stared proudly at their uniform. The signature orange and blue training suit. It consisted of blue training boots, orange baggy pants, a blue belt, and an orange tank-top with a normal blue tank-top underneath it. On the back of the shirt there was a large Turtle School symbol, and on the front was a similar, but smaller version of it. Their turn was up they signed their names with the officials. Then headed towards the preliminaries grounds, located in the back of the martial arts temple's main building.

"Everyone, gather we will be starting the preliminaries rounds. Please pick one ball from the box." the official announced with his microphone.

Bezal rushed straight to the front of the line, hastily putting his hand in the box, his hand swum in the box roughly, he then pulled his hand out violently.

"Number 1." he shouted.

Gabec stepped up next, fearful of what number he would get. He absolutely didn't want to be paired with Bezal. Not 2, not 2, not number 2, he thought out loud in his head, he closed his eyes, and then slowly put his hand into the box, shaking uncontrollably he fished for a ball, pulling his hand back out.

"Number 9." the official shouted.

"Thank god." he sighed with relief.

He slowly stumbled to the back of the room towards Bezal, who had this stupid grin on his face, Gabec suddenly felt pissed with that grin because seconds ago, he felt like he was about to crap to his pants.

"Nice job! He he he." Bezal snickered.

The two waited  and chatted outside until everyone else had chosen their numbers, the officials organized the names, displaying on the TV board.  The match set up was displayed, the name of the participants and their numbers.

"Wait a minute. Gabec, some guys have the same number as me?"

"Me, too?"

The announcer stepped up to the front and climbed the platform.

"Ahem... the preliminaries rounds will now begin! All blocks will start simultaneously. Your number, which is displayed on the screen represents your block number..."

"Gabec, the  preliminaries rounds are battle royal!?" he whispered loudly in the back.

"That means.... only one winner of each block can pass... so that would means only 16 fighters can pass and actually be in the main tournament!" Gabec replied.

The two looked at each other, in shock and confusion feeling like they've just been screwed.

The End

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