Chapter 1: Final Breath

Chapter 1: Final Breath

"Kaaa... meee... haaa... meee... ha!"

Using the last of his Ki, the gravely injured boy unleashed his final attack. A large blue energy wave, blasted from the boy's hand into the air at unimaginable speed, with an immense light. As the blast got closer and closer, it was if it was continually increasing in size.

The Namekian was instantly enveloped in the blast. As his deformed silhouette appeared in the sky, the boy could see it dancing and wiggling like a dying worm. He let out a horrible scream, echoing in the battlefield as the blast burned and devoured his skin and then entire body instantly and exploded.

It was the end; the battle was finally over.

"We won!" the boy shouted.

He dropped to his knees, his entire body fell over like a hard rock, his head smashing violently on the ground. The boy had no more strength left in him, but still smiled and kept smiling with a huge grin on his face, as he lay on the cold dirt.

"Finally, it's over.... everyone..." tears welled up in the boy's swollen eyes, falling like silent streams down his worn and beaten face.

"We... did it."
A sharp pain struck the boy's heart, like a pin popping a balloon. His neck dripped with cold sweat as he felt an unimaginable pain coursing through his body.

Lifting his long arm, he pointed and stretched out his long, thin finger as a small light beam charged at the tip of his nail. The boy smiled, he knew but didn't fear, he didn't care, he accepted it... his inevitable death.

"I'm sorry, truly. I hope one day, you can understand and forgive me, Bezal."


The End

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