Days In Your Life

Living Every Day As It Unfolds

Life. Love. Hope. Random words thrown in to make it seem profound.

You watched a movie. and you loved the movie. You read a story with no story and you loved it. And then you talked. You talked till you were tired. Till your lungs hurt. Till you ran out of people to talk to. Then you went to a mirror and continued talking, half-expecting your reflection to get tired of you. You were surprised that the reflection seemed to be in love with you.

For a moment you wondered if you were the reflection of the reflection or was it the other way around. Or was it both ways. maybe you were just one reflection of many. Born in the image of someone on the other side of a mirror.

But the moment passed and you were tired. So was your reflection. You attempted to sleep but got lost in your own thoughts. By the time you found your way out, it was late and you needed to wake up. You got up and thought you needed to get healthy. So you ran till you could no longer feel your legs and with it the ground. you were now flying through air. The ground had ceased to exist. through crowds and traffic you flew till you tripped on a stone. The gods on earth hate those who fly.

You walked back with your wings. People stared at you and your broken wings. The fall had hurt. but the stares hurt you more. Will they never understand? Your wings might be imaginary, but you flew. While they walked.

You reach your room and rest your aching limbs. The wings were heavy and you had already discarded them. You sink into your bed to dream your best dream. You are tired of describing your day, so you pretend to sleep.. Its an early sunset. the next day will be longer. and the sun will be slightly redder and bigger. Wisps of clouds shall dot the blue sky. And you shall orchestrate the rise and fall of the stars. Create your own constellations.

Tomorrow will be a longer day. Maybe more exciting.

The End

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