A girl daydreams too much and now is mixed up with her life.

I was soaring away like a cloud, I could see everything that there is too see. I saw the huge waves of the sea, and Big ben in London, I also saw the Walker Stadium, she saw Leicester beat Manu United. "Yay!" i cheered as i saw people running around. It was all too goodd, and it was... "CATHERINE! WILL YOU LISTEN TO ME!" shouted a voice near me. "huh?" i thought. Quickly i shook myself and awoke from my day dream. As i look around i see my teacher Mrs Williams looking at me with her glare. Everyone was scared of her glare. Her glare taunted me and as i look deeply in her eyes i see fire dancing across each eye. Everyone always avoided her glare and tried to work hard but I had forgot all about that when I was daydreaming. I looked at her. "How can I help you if you wont listen now who was the first presidant of the USA? " asked Mrs Williams but before i could answer the bell went. "Tell you tommrow miss, or when we see you. " I called and i sped out of the door. "That was close" said my best friend Jess. "yeah, well now i can research and find it out before tommrow." i said. We paused as we walked out of the school gates and down to our street. Before long Jess says "we dont have her tommrow, its a week before we have her!" i laugh to myself. "Oh yeah!, lol im  so silly." We both laugh and i wave goodbye to her. When I couldnt see Jess is sped down my lane to my house and went inside...

The End

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