The Dream

     "Elly!" I heard my mother yell. I looked around the pitch black room. I had an uneasy feeling in my stomach. I looked around waiting for my eyes to adjust but they didn't. I felt shivers coming. I reached forward to grab my blanket. I grabbed air. I reached to the side to turn on my lamp so i could find the blanket, but again my hand fell as nothing was there. I reached downward now, slightly suspicious. I might be lying on the floor. I pushed my hands beneath me, but felt neither my soft plush mattress, nor my carpeted floor.

     Have you ever been on ballet floor? Hard but smooth and slightly bouncy. I felt as though I had been thrown onto this stage, put into this part, not knowing the lines. I felt a bright light shining on my face. I threw my hands up to block the light. I heard a crowd laughing, it sounded almost sinister. "Elly!" I heard once more. I looked around, processing my surroundings, assessing the situation. A crowd sat in front of me while I sat atop a stage,and lights shone down on me.

     Out of the corner of my eye I saw a director, urging me to continue. "Continue what?" I thought. A stage, and audience, a direc-, "A play!" I beamed. The audience laughed a little more. I began reciting my best, but the laughing persisted. "And what might the cause of this laughter be?" I asked. They continued laughing and I received no response. Then I began to make a connection: they laughed tauntingly, almost like school children, but at the same time it seemed almost giddy. I looked at myself in horror, I was in my underwear! The lights shone down mockingly. 

     I wanted to cry, just to run away, but I couldn't. my feet were stuck. I heard my name again, this time meshed into the crowd. Then it came once again tauntingly, then repeating, "Elly! Elly! Elly!", I began to cower. Just then wehn I couldn;t take it anymore, everything began to shake. I heard someone yell "Eleanor!" Caught by surprise, I cocked my head up and slowly opened one eye. 

     To my surprise I looked up at my mother standing above me in my, rather brightly lit, bedroom. "Quit dreaming up a world and get into the real one already! You need to get dressed for school!" she snapped at me. I looked at my clock to see the time. The orange clock burned my eyes as I tried to focus on the blinking red numbers. It read 7:35. "I'm nearly late!" I screamed in horror. I ripped off my covers and grabbed my bright magenta shirt before my mother yelled to me,"Don't forget play auditions!" ,which I had up until that point.

     I grabbed my Dorothy costume which I was required to wear for the audition and pulled out my hair curlers that I had also nearly forgotten (imagine how silly I would've looked!) I threw my dress on and fixed my hair into pigtails. Slipping into my "ruby slippers", I realized I had set my clock ahead an hour. Although it said 7:40 the actual time was an hour back at 6:40.

     By then it was a bit late to go back to sleep as I had already gotten dressed.I sat and thought about my dream. Dreams, I love dreaming. I thought about how negatively my mother spoke towards dreams. My dad used to always tell me to dream big "dream your wildest dream" he would say, "In hopes that one day it may become reality." I always thought he was just talking jibberish, that things were called wild for a reason, not meant to be tamed, not meant to become part of you. Now I get it. He had so many dreams, they were all so beautiful. Mother never understood, but I did, I do. I guess big dreamers are genetic. I have such wild and crazy dreams just as he did. I guess just because mom thought his dreams were silly doesn't mean she hated him. it's just that after he died she gained a disapproval of dreaming. I thook another glance at my clock to see it was 8:30 or I guess 7:30. Now I really deeded to go. I got up and picked up my bag.

     While I walked to school I listened to my favorite song. I thought about my dreams, if they came true, I would meet him. I laughed, as if my dreams would actually come true. To be famous. What a beautiful, crazy dream. I simply brushed it out of my mind for now. I got to school and put my things in my locker. i dropped off my binder in English and walked  with my friends. For the most part I did listen and I cared but I didn't really entirely care, just sort of listening to what they said and what they wanted to tell me. I don't think it's really a big deal, I mean I did have a lot on my mind. I had a lot on my mind since school started and they just kept making the pile bigger, my friends that is. I was almost tired of talking to them all together. Still here i was, half-heartedly listening to their so called problems. I was honestly sick of hearing them complain. just then I saw something that made a lump in my throat.

     To ask if you've ever liked someone, anyone, that would make me a fool. To ask if you've ever loved someone would make me a complete idiot. Not many though know how it feels to be so heartbroken you think you cannot go on, then just when you think maybe you could go back to how it was, you see the person you love with someone else, much happier than they ever were with you. For a moment, your heart stops beating, then you feel a pain inside you deeper than ever before, you feel jealousy and hatred although truthfully this person is a good friend. Normally when you see someone you like, someone you love, your heart smiles and everything in you is happy, once something bad happens just because this doesn't happen doesn't mean the feelings are gone, new ones are just stronger. If you are merely sad you look to them with hope, if you are heartbroken and feeling betrayed in a way, you simply cannot look.

The End

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