I'm letting down my should-length dark brown hair after I handed the customer his French Vanilla mocha. Elaine's Coffee shop was packed with people. Young and old. The place was filled with bright colors. From the reds and the browns and yellows. The light fixtures looked like the fiber glass of the flames. I have always loved those fixtures. The smell of the coffees and mochas alike were always opened up my nostrils. The coffee beans were the real thing. It gave that warm and homey to the place. It didn't matter to me whether they were coming in to use the internet or to sit down and have a nice old hot cup of coffee. It warmed my heart to know that I worked at this very special coffee shop, and then sit down to relax when I am not working.  

I took off my apron because I clocked out around six o'clock in the evening.  I would always drink my favorite mint chocolate mocha. I took a seat with my mocha. This was when I loved doing the most. I closed my eyes and my mind wondered into the blackness. Then the white light appeared. I spotted the beautiful green grass. The weather felt summery-like, and the flowers grown. I was sitting down on the grass enjoying a cool glass of lemonade in the yellow sun with no white clouds. When I spotted a cute guy. He had a pretty angelic face and he was at least six foot, one inches tall. His body was built, and he had that pretty smile. Showing off his white teeth meaning he must have been bleaching his teeth, or was born with white teeth.

He was jogging without his shirt on in the late morning hour. The sweat just rolled down on his face. I'm sitting there drinking my lemonade and was about to spill the cup onto my white daisy summer dress staring at him. He jogged up to where I am sitting, and he gave me those pretty hazel eyes. Bald head was the thing for men, and he would sit down next to me.  I was smiling at him, and his politeness pleased me. We was about to kiss. Just two inches aways from our lips colliding together like peanut butter and jelly sand which. That was when I felt something burned. Hot liquid burning hole through my blue jeans. I came back to reality, and that same cute guy(except he had his white T-Shirt on) spilled his coffee on me by accident.

"Oh I'm so sorry, miss." he said as he tried to help me to brush off the coffee.

"It's okay." I said to him. Then we both stopped to look at one another. He smiled to show me how sorry he was and then he went to the counter to get a roll of paper towel. 

Despite the mishap, we did get along that night. After we both cleaned up, he ordered him another coffee, and then sat down to talk with me. We laugh and got to know one another. Then he asked me out on a date. This time, it's in the Dodge Park. 

So many people came to Elaine's Coffee Shop to study, to work, to relax and to make friends. But for some people, they just came to find a date or true love.

The End

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