Day One

We all have those days when it seems like no one is listening, or no one can hear you. Sometimes it feels like you’re on a different planet and don’t know how to get off, back to Earth. Well, I was having one of those days to me, my friends were clueless and my parents were tuned into a totally different station. My name is Jennifer Knight and my life is full of those out-of-tune days.

            “Wake up Jennifer, your alarm clock didn’t go off this morning so you need to hurry up and get ready to go!” screamed my mother from the bottom of the stairs.

            “All right I’m ready to go, just give me five minutes and I’ll be ready,” I mumbled from beneath the safety of my covers. Man, I thought to myself, I just woke up and I’m already having a bad morning.

            After I had gotten dressed and eaten half of a very disgusting breakfast bar I was ready to go. I grabbed my bag, lunch, and violin and got into the car.

            “Hey Jen” Hailey Crow drawled as she climbed into the backseat of my mom’s mini-van.

            “Hey Hailey, how was your morning? Did you get enough sleep last night?” I asked.


“Well, how did you sleep?”


“I like your shirt”


After that, Hailey and I spent the rest of the ride to school in silence, the only noise being Green Day playing in the background. After Hailey and I had been dropped of at school we put our violins away in Mr. VonWitzburns room and headed to the library, awaiting the dreaded bell that would signify the beginning of another school day.

Advisory, the best period of the day, a time when you can read, gossip, finish homework, and practice triangle football. I was finishing some homework when Mr. S walked in for Language Arts. “Alright class, how was your weekend?” he asked inquisitively. “Good” the children droned, we were not a very responsive class. “O.K., well then lets get started shall we. Who knows what a limerick is, no one, well a limerick is…” Mr. S just kept talking and talking; only a few students actually heard what he said. I was only one of them because:

1.      I Love Poetry

2.      My parents would beat me to a pulp if I didn’t  get all A’s on my report card (not kidding)

3.      And I have nothing else to do ( I don’t gossip, giggle, or tease, Thank Goodness)


A couple other kids were listening because:

1.      they were perfect (Elisa Jones)

2.      They were Genius (Aidan Prowes)

3.       or they are just normal people with totally random reasons (yours truly)


Mr. S truly thinks I’m something special. He really likes my work and he is always encouraging me to write my heart out. I don’t enter all the contests he wants me to but occasionally I will enter one. Today I’m writing a poem about color. Not like a roses are red, violets are blue kind of thing, the poem is supposed to describe color to someone who can’t see it. I really love challenges like this, they allow me to be creative and through poetry I can easily express myself. All of my friends know this, and love me all the more for it, but sometimes they can’t read the feelings that I put into it.

      It was already nine’ o’clock and I was starting to worry that Dania wouldn’t be here today. I really can’t have a good day without her, she keeps me out of trouble and I keep her out of trouble. I guess you could call it a symbiotic relationship with sister-like love thrown into the mix. But just as the thought of her not being here crosses my mind… Dania walks through the door and smiles at me. I can’t believe it, after seven years she finally got her braces off and she looks amazing.

      The rest of the day was pretty boring. I went to class, listened to the teachers argue with the students, and got seventeen pounds of homework (which is a lot if you have to carry it all). I sat with Kathryn (my other best friend) at lunch, she is really upset because the teacher thinks she cheated and is currently treating her horribly. I think sometimes adults and children need to switch places, just for a few minutes.

      Once I got home things went downhill fast. My little sister was arguing with my little brother, my mom was yelling at them to do their chores and I had to duck in the doorway as my sister threw her care-bear and marched up to her room with a huff of defeat.

      I walked over to the table and put my backpack down. Then I turned to face my mom. She was slumped in a chair rubbing her temples. I started to massage her neck so that she would be in a better mood and I could talk to her.

      “Hey Mom, how was your day?”

      “I got almost nothing done and I have a major headache” she replied.

      “Well, what did you do?”

      “I went to the gym and got some groceries, but that’s it”

      “Well that’s better than what I did”

      “What did you do at school?”

      “Absolutely nothi…”I couldn’t finish. Meghan cut me off from upstairs, “MOM!!MOMMY!!!” Mom sagged even further into her chair.

      “I’ll get it” I offered

      “Thanks” Mom sighed, got up and started clearing the table. I sighed to myself, sometimes it seems as if free time doesn’t exist at all.

The End

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