Part 9

Justice Knight ran back into the now cleared reception area. He looked around but couldn't find the other two Iron Soldiers.

Speaking into his comms, Justice Knight asked, “Anyone know where the other two Iron Soldiers are?”

“No, they must have gotten away in the smoke,” said Sasha, “We can't find any trace of them in the building or the nearby area.”

The Captain's voice came over the waves, “David, Emma, from what Iron Bull said, it sounded like they were after some of the scientists. So we're going to have to move them to one of our safe houses. We will be sending transportation soon, as well as a crew to pick up the bodies.”

Justice Knight glanced at the charred corpse of one of the Iron Soldiers, “For investigating?”

“Yeah, maybe we can learn something about who these people are, find some sort of clue,” said Sasha.

“David, Emma, make sure that the scientists get to the safe house,” the Captain ordered.

Both David and Emma replied, “Yes, sir.”

The End

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