Part 8

The smoke from the explosion filled the room.

“So, they can be killed...” Justice Knight muttered to himself, “And even in death, they still have to make one last attack.”

Suddenly, two grenades flew out of the smoke and in front of Justice Knight. They exploded and... released more smoke.

Justice Knight looked around, trying to peer through the thick smoke.

Suddenly, a roar pierced the air, followed by the sound of quick, stomping footsteps.

The Iron Bull was charging at Justice Knight.

Justice Knight listened closely. The stomps got louder and louder.

Suddenly, Iron Bull charged through the smoke.

Justice Knight jumped to the side, but it was too late. The bull's horn caught him at the side and slashed across his torso.

“Agh!” Justice Knight yelled in pain and landed on the ground, hard.

As soon as he got up, Justice Knight could hear the stomps heading towards him again. He blindly jumped to one side, and just barely managed to dodge the charging bull.

Iron Bull came back for another round, and managed to hit Justice Knight once more.

Justice Knight struggled up from the hit. He turned on his comms, “How is he finding me through this smoke?!”

Sasha's voice came through, “We don't know, but we think he might have some sort of heat vision!”

“Can you see him through the cameras?”

“Only flashes of him, sorry, the smoke is too thick!”

“Can you see me?”

“Just barely, but I can make out your antennas!”

“... I'll have to thank Courtney for that,” Justice Knight said, “Tell me how to get outside!”

“The huge windows are to your left!”

“Thanks!” Justice Knight turned and ran.

Justice Knight could hear the stomps following him from behind.

Justice Knight ran faster. Finally, he saw the window, and he crashed through it. He continued running while reloading his pistol until he was a good distance away from the building.

Iron Bull crashed through another window and into the sun.

Finally able to see his opponent, Justice Knight ran towards the still-charging bull.

The two were headed into what seemed to be an inevitable crash. But suddenly, Justice Knight jumped into a side flip over the bull. Aiming his pistol at Iron Bull while in the air, Justice Knight pulled the trigger.

Over and over, again and again, Justice Knight fired his gun as he flipped over Iron Bull. Bullets rained down on the bull's head and along his back as Justice Knight landed.

Iron Bull's charge came to a stop and he fell onto his knees. Electric arcs ran all throughout his body.

During his last moments, Iron Bull thought back to when he was just a normal soldier. He had blocked a knife meant for a drunken fellow soldier who started a bar fight. He remembered sitting in a wheelchair, being told that he would be unable to walk again and receiving papers stating that he had been dishonourably discharged. He remembered the despair that he felt as he cried with his head in his hands.

Then, Iron Bull exploded.

The End

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