Part 7

“Run!” Justice Knight yelled at Emma.

As soon as he saw Emma nod in response, he turned his attention back to the Iron Soldier in front of him and quickly dodged the incoming punch by jumping back.

Unfortunately, that was when the two Iron Soldiers behind him grabbed him by the arms, pulling the arms back to restrict the knight's movements. Justice Knight struggled, but the cyborgs held tight.

Iron Bull charged, with his head down and horns pointing forward at the captive Justice Knight.

“Oh, this can't be good,” Justice Knight muttered as he saw the metal bull horns charging at him.

Justice Knight stomped on one of the Iron Soldier's foot. Even though the Iron Soldier yelped in pain, he held on to Justice Knight, refusing to let go.

The horns continued speeding towards Justice Knight.

The knight continued to struggle, but to no avail. He could even sense the grins from underneath the Iron Soldiers' helmets. He watched again as the metal spears from the bull's head came ever closer.

There was only one solution that came into Justice Knight's mind.

As soon as Iron Bull was within reach, Justice Knight jumped up and lifted his knees to his chin. Then, he kicked his legs out at the bull's head.

Justice Knight's legs managed to slip between the horns and hit the bull's helmet. The force from the impact of Justice Knight's kick and Iron Bull's charge knocked the clump of knight and cyborgs backwards through the air.

The two Iron Soldiers' holds were broken as they were sent backwards through the air. They slammed into the ground on their backs. Meanwhile, Justice Knight managed to send himself into a backwards somersault as soon as he hit the ground.

As soon as his feet touched the ground after the somersault, Justice Knight jumped into the air. He aimed his pistol at the Iron Soldiers on the ground and pulled the trigger as many times as there were bullets left in his gun.

Bullets rained down on the two Iron Soldiers. They screamed in pain as the bullets hit them. Sparks flew from their armour as electric arcs pulsed through their bodies from the damage.

Having been dealt too much damage, the two Iron Soldiers exploded.

The End

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