Part 6

“Formation Delta!” Iron Bull yelled.

The four Iron Soldiers started charging at Justice Knight. Forming two lines, each consisting of two Iron Soldiers, the soldiers sped towards the knight while Iron Bull once again got ready to charge.

Justice Knight aimed his pistol at one of the charging Iron Soldiers.

Suddenly, the two Iron Soldiers in the front of the two lines jumped up and pulled their fists back to punch the knight.

Reacting quickly, Justice Knight fired a bullet at the cyborg on the right, knocking him off his course and onto the ground.

As the second cyborg was about to land on top of Justice Knight, Justice Knight quickly sidestepped out of the way. Swiftly, Justice Knight swung his pistol at the Iron Soldier's head so that the butt of his pistol slammed into the back of the Iron Soldier's head.

The other two Iron Soldiers reached Justice Knight, and one of them jabbed Justice Knight in the chest, pushing him back. The other one launched a series of kicks, which Justice Knight had to dodge and block.

Unable to aim his pistol quickly enough, Justice Knight had to resort to hand to hand combat with the two Iron Soldiers.

Seizing the opportunity, Emma commanded the rest of the room, “Everyone, move back into the other room!”

The scientists looked at Emma and then at Iron Bull, scared.

“Now!” Emma yelled.

The scientists snapped out of their fright and rushed to the back of the reception area, towards another room.

One of the Iron Soldiers got up and roared. Then, he charged at the scientists.

Emma quickly stepped in front of him. The Iron Soldier growled and swung his fist at Emma.

Emma dropped down into a crouch and swiftly took the dagger out of its holster on her thigh. Then, holding the dagger in a reverse grip, she jumped up, slashing the Iron Soldier across the chest with the prototype blade.

“Aaah!” The Iron Soldier was knocked back by the slash across his chest. He looked down, and saw that there was a gash in his chestplate. Although the blade hadn't completely penetrated the armour, it was at least causing enough damage to hurt the cyborgs.

Not that it would matter if Emma got hit, even once.

The cyborg jumped into the air and prepared to stomp on Emma.

Reacting quickly, Emma jumped to the side, managing to narrowly escape the same fate as the floor, which now had a small crater where the Iron Soldier had landed.

The cyborg turned to face Emma. He screamed, “I'm going kill you!”

Suddenly, three bullets from Justice Knight's pistol hit the Iron Soldier in the head. The Iron Soldier screamed in pain.

Justice Knight yelled at Emma, “Run!”

Emma nodded and ran towards the same room that the scientists ran into.

Courtney was still standing at the doorway, watching Justice Knight fight.

Emma grabbed Courtney and dragged her into the room.

The End

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