Part 5

The conference began uneventfully. The police were outside standing guard, with David and Emma mingling inside with the other scientists. People were enjoying the refreshments and they were conversing with each other. Even Courtney seemed to have relaxed a little and was talking to her fellow scientists.

Suddenly, there was screaming outside.

David and Emma ran towards the front of the building. They arrived in time to see an Iron Solider violently twist the head of one of police officers outside to the side. The officer's neck snapped and he fell, dead.

A metallic, humanoid bull opened the glass doors and walked inside, along with the rest of the Iron Soldiers.

“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I am Iron Bull of the Iron Legion,” the bull introduced himself. “Now, if all of the scientists would stay and cooperate, I can assure you that none of you will get hurt.”

Emma quietly reached for her dagger and was about to rush in, but David placed a hand firmly on her shoulder and whispered into her ear, “Stay here and move the scientists to another room after I start fighting.”

“But I can help!” Emma hissed.

“You don't have an exosuit! You could die just from getting punched once! Stay here and evacuate everyone when you can!” David hissed back.

Reluctantly, Emma nodded.

Taking note of the murmured whispers, but seeing no resistance, Iron Bull started to speak again, “Good, then my Iron Soldiers will now-”

“I don't think so,” David stepped out of the crowd.

“Oh? And who would you be?”

David pulled back his jacket to reveal the Knight-Former on his belt. Then, he loudly declared, “I am the knight who delivers justice!”

Quickly, he pressed a button on the Knight-Former and shouted, “Suit up!”

Metallic, blue squares exploded forth from the red orb in the middle of the Knight-Former. Then, as if drawn by some magnetic force, the squares pulled back around David and formed the Justice Knight exosuit around him.

“I am...” Justice Knight paused for effect and took out his new pistol which was holstered on the right of his waist, “Justice Knight!”

The room was silent.

Finally, Iron Bull said, “Oh, you. We didn't expect you to show up so soon.”

Addressing his Iron Soldiers, Iron Bull ordered, “No matter, we will move to plan B then. Seventy-two, Fifty-nine, proceed with securing the scientists.”

Two of the Iron Soldiers started walking towards the scientists, and Iron Bull got ready to charge at Justice Knight. However, before the Iron Soldiers could walk two steps, Justice Knight lifted up his pistol and aimed.

Everyone in the room held their breaths. The Iron Soldiers and Iron Bull had stopped at the sight of the pistol being aimed at them.

“Ha!” One of the Iron Soldiers laughed, “Bullets can't hurt-”

Justice Knight fired the pistol.

The bullet caught the mocking Iron Soldier square in the chest and sparks of damage flew out from the hit.

“Agh!” The Iron Soldier staggered back in pain and looked at where the bullet had hit him. There was a dent in the chestplate.

“Hm, the bullet didn't penetrate, but it had enough force to cause the cyborg actual pain,” Courtney noted quietly to herself.

“Well,” Iron Bull stood up, looking at his subordinate's damaged chestplate, “This is quite unexpected. Looks like we'll have to deal with you first.”

Iron Bull barked an order at the Iron Soldiers, “Soldiers, plan F: destroy the knight!”

The End

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