Part 4

Thomas, a bespectacled man from the Network, handed out files to the Captain, David, Emma, and Courtney. Meanwhile, Sasha opened her own file and prepared to report her findings.

Pushing up her pink-rimmed glasses, Sasha started, “We've continued monitoring probable targets, nothing suspicious has shown up for now. As to the disappearance of Dr. Alber, we still don't have any solid leads on where he's gone.”

Emma looked through the file quickly and noted, “Dr. Alber, that's the guy who discovered Alberloy, the alloy that's being used in the latest cybernetics research, and the alloy that the Iron Legion is using to convert their army into cyborgs, right?”

Sasha nodded, “Yep. He was also the lead researcher on the world's most advanced cybernetics project.”

“Our best guess is that Dr. Alber was kidnapped by the Iron Legion, which would explain why they have even more technologically advanced cybernetics than what Dr. Alber left behind, which was already highly classified and unknown to anyone but Dr. Alber and a few scientists,” Thomas spoke up.

Sasha nodded and continued, “Right. Dr. Alber disappeared soon after his wife was killed in an accident, and his son and daughter disappeared a few days after that as well. So our current theory is that his son and daughter are being held hostage by the Iron Legion to ensure that they have the doctor's cooperation.”

“That's... dirty,” Emma commented.

David nodded, “Yeah. We have to rescue them as soon as we can.”

“The Network will continuing following up on any leads that we can find,” Sasha said, “Now, if you will turn to the next page.”

The next page was an ad for a science and engineering conference. Sasha explained, “This science and engineering conference is specifically for those in the field of strengthening the human body through technological means. Means such as exosuits and cybernetic enhancements.”

Everyone gave Dr. Courtney Onodera a look before Sasha continued, “Therefore, the conference might be a probable target of the Iron Legion. While there is no Alberloy on the premises, the scientists there could be targeted for their knowledge.”

The Captain stood up, “David and Emma, you two will standing guard inside the building, amongst the scientists. I will also contact the local police department to see if they can spare a few officers.”

“Yes, sir.” David and Emma replied.

Courtney spoke up, “I will be going as well.”

Everyone turned to look at Courtney.

“You... You're finally taking a break from work?” David suggested, “I mean, it's not the best place to take a break, so... you should probably take your break somewhere else. Still, it's good to hear that you want to take a break.”

“I'm not taking a break, this could be a chance for me to get some field data on the exosuit and the new pistol firsthand.”

“Right... Of course...” David muttered.

The Captain spoke up, “I don't think it's a good idea either, Courtney.”

Courtney waved the Captain off, “According to the data, there is only a fifteen percent chance of an attack. So it would most likely just turn out to be an official event for me. After all, I should mingle with my peers every now and then. Maybe get some new ideas from my fellow scientists. If they do attack, then I will be able to witness firsthand how the exosuit is being used on the field, and the data collected would be invaluable to my research.”

The room was silent after Courtney's argument. Everyone was waiting for the Captain's decision.

After a few moments of thinking, the Captain finally said, “Alright, but if they do attack, you will follow the instructions of the police and any other law enforcement officers there. You will not purposely get closer to the fighting just to see how the Justice Knight exosuit does. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” Courtney said in a noncommittal tone.

“Good,” the Captain stood up, “Then you all have your orders.”

The rest of the room responded, “Yes, sir!”

The End

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