Part 3

“Hey Courtney,” David said as he entered Courtney's lab with Emma behind him. “This is Emma.”

Courtney turned away from her computer, “We've already met. Hello again, Emma.”

“Hello, Dr. Onodera.”

“You can just call me Courtney. Have you been keeping up with the training regiment?”

“Yes, ma'am.”

Courtney grimaced a bit at being called 'ma'am', but decided to drop it, “Good. Then you should be ready to use the exosuit when it's ready.”

Courtney picked up the Knight-Former on her desk and handed it to David, “The parts for your pistol came from the manufacturers this morning. I've already put it together and added it to your exosuit's configuration. The next time you transform, the pistol should form as well.”

“That's great news!” David grabbed the Knight-Former. “Now we can level the playing field.”

“Well, there is no field data yet, so hopefully it will work as designed.” Courtney then picked up a sheathed dagger and handed it over to Emma. “This is a dagger with a prototype blade that should be able to do some damage to the cyborgs. It won't penetrate, but it'll hurt, or at least, that's what we think. Since you'll be going with David without an exosuit of your own for now, I thought it would be best if you had something to protect yourself.”

“Thank you, Doctor,” Emma said as she attached to holster to her right upper thigh.

“Now,” Courtney continued, “I will need to take some of your measurements to ensure that the exosuit fits you properly. Please take off your clothes.”

Emma's face turned red, “P-Pardon me, ma'am?”

Nonchalantly, Courtney explained, “I need your exact body measurements so that the suit can be tailored to you perfectly. That way, it won't be too tight, which would be uncomfortable, or too loose, which would be troublesome.”

“O-okay,” Emma turned to David and asked, “David, could you leave the room, please?”

David's face was also a little bit red. “O-of course, I'll see you two around.”

David turned and left the room.

The End

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