Part 1

Two days before the attack on the conference, David was in the gym at the Justice Knight Unit Headquarters. He punched the punching bag hard when the door opened and the Captain walked in with a woman dressed in her military dress uniform, complete with a blue beret on her short, blonde hair.

“Hey Captain,” David steadied the punching bag as he greeted the Captain. Then, he greeted the woman with a friendly smile and a, “Hi.”

The woman stood up straight and started to salute David, “Good morning, Agent-”

David stopped her, “You can just call me David.”

The woman redid her salute, “Good morning, David.”

“This is Emma, she was the one who was selected for the second exosuit,” the Captain explained. “She graduated, the top of her class, from the military academy not too long after the first attacks by the Iron Legion. She was reassigned to us after that, but was on personal leave for the last few months.”

“Leave?” David inquired.

“Yes, sir,” Emma responded, then she added, “But I have been keeping up the training regiment recommended by Dr. Onodera.”

“Good, because we're going to need you in top form when your exosuit is finally ready,” David said as he grabbed a towel to wipe off the sweat on his forehead.

The Captain said, “Well then, Emma, I will leave you with David, he can give you the tour.”

“Yes, Captain.”

The Captain gave David a nod and left, while David responded with a friendly wave goodbye.

David took a drink from his water bottle before saying to Emma, “So, you just graduated? No combat experience?”

“No, sir.”

“You don't have to call me sir,” David said, “Anything before the military academy?”

“No, sir. Went to the academy straight out of high school.”

“So you're around 19? 20?”

“20, sir.”

“Seriously, you don't need to call me sir,” David said, a little annoyed. “Are you sure you want to be a Justice Knight at only 20? We're going to be going up against enemies with a significant advantage over us.”

“I'm sure, sir,” Emma said, in a tone that suggested that she would like to keep her reasons to herself.

David caught the tone and decided to move on, “Alright, let's show you the place, then.”

The End

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