Cold Open

The adventures of Justice Knight continues.
This time, a science conference is attacked and Justice Knight must face a powerful enemy.

The scientists gathered in the reception area, where they ate, drank, and conversed before the day's conference was due to start. There were around thirty people in that reception area. Outside the huge pane windows, one could see a warm, sunny day with people walking about. Just outside the glass doors were two police officers, standing guard.

"Congratulations, Dr. Onodera. Your first field tests for the Justice Knight exosuit showed a lot of promise."

Courtney turned around. She was dressed in her standard lab coat, jeans, and shirt, while the other scientists were in slightly fancier suits and dresses. She honestly just wanted to go back to working on her exosuits.

Facing the fellow scientist that had congratulated her, she said, "Thank you, Jack. I read your newest paper on your research; I was very impressed."

Jack gave her a smile. "I'm surprised to see you here, you usually don't go to these things."

Courtney smiled as if she knew something that the others didn't, "Well, actually, this is kind of work for me."

"Your boss made you come as well?"

"No, actually, I came because there is the possibility I could gather some field data here firsthand."

"Field data?" Jack's face turned into one of concern and fright when he realized what Courtney meant, "Please don't tell me that you mean-"

Suddenly, screams from outside the glass doors reached the ears of the people in the reception area.

"Yep," Courtney said, "They're here."

Outside, people were screaming and running away from the five metallic figures that were heading towards the building. Four of the metallic figures were Iron Soldiers. The last figure was in the middle of the group, and it was at least a foot taller than the others. He was more muscular than the others, and he had a helmet on that looked like the head of a steel bull, with two sharp horns on each side.

The two police officers guarding the front of the building took out their guns.

"Freeze!" One of the police officers yelled, nervously.

Without a word, the bull-like cyborg charged at the police officers. In response, the police officers fired their guns.

The bullets just bounced off the charging cyborg. It didn't even flinch.

Frozen with fear, the cop on the right could only watch as the steel bull rammed head-first into his partner.

The bull lifted up his head. The cop that he rammed into was lifted up as well, having been impaled by the bull's horn. Blood dripped over the helmet as the bull stared at the remaining police officer.

Then, quickly and silently, as if this was just a normal part of the job, the bull bent down and swung his body, throwing the body that was on his head at the paralyzed cop.

The cops fall to the ground, with the impaled one bleeding over the other cop.

The bull turned to his troops and said, "Kill the cops, we don't want them trying to be heroes."

One of Iron Soldiers answered, "Yes, sir!"

That Iron Soldier headed towards the fallen cops, while the others followed their leader, making their way towards the building.

Inside the reception area, the scientists watched in fear as the bull headed towards the glass doors.

The End

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