Part 3: Friends in shapes and sizes: Gods and Heroes

Aphrodite nodded sweetly, as a second generation goddess sometimes she felt the weight of her first self legacy hanging over, most people were bit weary of her or didn't seem to like that much which kind of upset her. Aphrodite was kind hearted person, who loved to help anyone with everything she could; she was an excellent cook and brilliant mother and wife. Just didn't make sense why no one liked her that much. Artemis and Apollo had spotted that rain had cleared they went off to do their archery challenge between each other; Aries had spotted his friend Kratos who was with Nemesis. Nemesis worked with Themis and Dike, alongside Astraea who was Athena eldest daughter.

"Kraaatooos" Aries smirked over at him
"Arrrrieees" Kratos just grinned back
"How are you doing?"
"Me, oh I'm fine"
"Yah sure?"

Aphrodite just shook her head at them; Hector had just walked in with Achilles. Yes he may be her brother but Hector had taken a strange turn, he had gone from this weak, scared and honestly doubtful little boy to this handsome, strong and confident young man of nearly 30 now. (Boy I feel old Aphrodite thought to herself) Oh look there is Perseus, he also friends with Hector. 

"Perseus, you haven't seen Odysseus have you?" Hector sounded worried
Aphrodite watched her little brother closely.
"No I haven't, he was meant to meet me by the docks earlier today"

Hector turned to Achilles; Achilles was in his typical gold and red armour as per normal Achilles is siding with Aries while Odysseus and Hector sided with Athena. 

"Where is Athena?" Achilles blurred out
"No idea"
"Well Aphrodite is watching us"
"Is she?"

Hector and Perseus both waved, Perseus being much older than Hector and Achilles slightly blushed at the very beautiful and very sexy young goddess watching them, very innocently like she normally does. She did end up watching people a lot. 

"H-Hi..." Perseus blushed
"Hiya" Aphrodite smiled at him
"My lady, you are looking beautiful today"

The End

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