Part 2: The Argument and its resolvment

Aphrodite giggled and skipped over to her siblings quite happily, Artemis waved to her and Apollo smiled. It was their normal sibling revelry agreement but it was harmless, they never hit each other. Aphrodite hugged each one of them before speaking again.

"No one is better than anyone one else"

Apollo glared at Artemis, stuck his tongue out.
Artemis glared back and stuck her tongue out.

"Sorry Apollo" Artemis mumbled.
"Its okay baby sister, I love you anyway"
"Apollo, now you"
"I'm sorry Arty, didn't mean to upset you"
"It okay big brother, I love you too"

Aphrodite face lit up instantly that she resolved this problem; Hera smiled and walked over with Aries. Aries laughed at Apollo face that Aphrodite his much younger sibling sorting another of his agreements when he is the eldest sibling. Aries looked outside, the rain had stopped for a little while so more people started to turn up, Aphrodite was happy at this it meant that her garden back at home got a good watering.

"You guy fancy a game of Hero's and Monsters later on?" Aries blurred out
"Sure, if Hermes and Athena can play too"
"Of course"

Eros was floating around holding his daughter hand, beautiful little girl named Okko little did he know that another girl was following him around, Psyche. She was completely obsessed with him in fact; Aphrodite smiled at her son and grandchild. Eros was exactly like his mother, pink hair and very thin but very childish and fun loving which can of hides the fact he is reasonable for shooting the hit and miss love and lead arrows at couples. Eros's twin sibling was a titian but unlike the person he was named after he didn't wear gold's or yellows, nope. He wore blacks, reds and purples; he had brown hair and deep blue eyes. Eros's twin brother was the titian Hyperion; Titian of all light and ironic was engaged to the Goddess of the Night, Nyx.

"Eros baby, come give mom a hug?" Aphrodite smiled at him

Eros floated over with his daughter, hugged her closely. Aphrodite hugged back the same. She kissed her granddaughter head and Okko giggled and smiled up at her.

"How's work son?"
"Oh it's fine, you haven't seen Hyperion have you?"
"No, I haven't"
"Damn it"
"Nyx is looking for him"

The End

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