Day in the Life of Olympian God

It's not always easy being a young god or goddess, espically when you are Greek one. Responsibly s and costumes to follow, living up to you're legend and making sure you're first self the person who you were named after is proud of you. So How hard can it be.

It was a rainy day in the Olympian Community, Aphrodite being her normal happy self decided she would go out in the rain anyway despite her elder sister's warnings that she would catch a cold. Aphrodite pulled on her chiton's cloak and her scarf before tighten her sandals, she stitch the gold fabric roses onto the shoulder of her chiton. She walked outside, totted over her to chariot pulled by two fine and beautiful white horses, the chariot itself was gold in colour with tiny pink and blue roses all over them. She really didn't care what others thought of her, she only cared if Saturn, her husband thought and that of her children. Aphrodite rode off towards the market, Aries as per normal was already there buying more meat for his dogs, you could always tell it was Aries despite his small size but his hair was deep ebony black with red tips and he was very muscly. She also saw Hera, her long time friend coming over she couldn't help but wave and smile.

"Hera! Hera!"

Hera looked up, she had the body of a model clearly she wasn't as desirable and sexy as Aphrodite was but Hera was very beautiful she normally wore purple and royal blue but today she was in peacock green. She had deep brown hair which curled around her face and curled down her back which was tied up with a deep purple bow. Hera smiled brightly seeing Aphrodite.

"Aphrodite!" Hera called back.

Aries looked up hearing his sister's name being called, he looked at her direction. Aries was dressed in his normal black and red work outfit, his messy black and red tipped hair covered his face. Aphrodite was hugging her friend by the time her brother Aries came over. Hermes was blurring around the place as per normal, massagers, post man and medic he was a very busy boy, always working and always helping others.

"I see you didn't listen to Athena again, Aphrodite" Aries smirked
"No, I like being out and about. Despite the weather"
"So I see"
"I am a little wet, mind you"
"Do you need some warm clothing?"
"No no I will be alright"

Some agreeing was heard that interrupted them, Aphrodite looked and see saw the duo of Apollo and Artemis arguing over who got there first, they weren't exactly twins but they acted like that were so people just went with it. Apollo was generally bigger with a nice even golden tan with short golden hair with deep blue eyes; some would say he was the perfect man (Snort) Nope. Artemis was bit smaller, she had light blue eyes with deep chestnut brown hair which was tied up in a ponytail, and she had wait and chiton on with a blue long shirt underneath it. The chiton was shortest which brought the attention to her very high knee boots on which had small heel on it. Apollo had his golden armour on, with his bow and quiver on his back.

"No Apollo, I'm right" Artemis was still agreeing
"No, you're wrong in fact. Chiron favours me more then you"
"You're wrong here, he favours me"
"We're both male so he favours me because I'm better"
"So untrue, I'm better hunter then you and I'm faster"
"Yeah right"

The End

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