I will admit it was heart wrenchingly painful to leave the town of Forks behind. It had been my home for just over a decade, but I would do anything for Edward. If he forgot about his ego for once, I’m sure he would do the same for me.

Beaming at him, I tugged him towards the bedroom. “Let’s go check out our new bed,” I whispered in his ear. He laughed at my weak attempt at being seductive. Then he straightened his face and gazed at me with his dark serious eyes. “We have another urge to satisfy first,” he replied.

I grimaced. I had almost forgotten about the burning hunger in my throat. Sighing, I released my grip. “I’ll go get the other guys,” I said, referring to the other vampires.

“What about Renesmee?” Edward did not look too happy about leaving our daughter alone with Jacob. Especially now that they were roughly the same age, meaning they could change the course of their friendship.

The End

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