"The house is beautiful." I said as I flitted over to Jasper's side.

"Well at least you'll be able to enjoy it soon without moaning at the removal guys." Jasper said while smirking.

"I do not moan at the - Hey! You sir! Don't drop that! My mother likes that dining table alot!"

"Of course you don't Alice." Jasper sighed.

"I still think I could of lifted all this furniture by myself." I heard Emmet grumble. 

I glanced over at Edward and Bella. They always seemed to be intertwined with one an another in some way. Bella was so beautiful as a vampire it made me proud to call her my sister.  I was just about to say something to her as an image so clear came into my head. A man was simply standing in a field. I attempted to see what he was doing until a wave of fuzziness over-powered my thoughts.

"Argh dog! Do you have to constantly be around me!" I shouted at Jacob in frustration. Renesmee shot me a glare and I walked into the house to assist Esme with the living room arrangements.

The End

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