Chapter One: Bliss

I had my arm hung loosely around Bella's shoulder. I smiled at her lovingly, and she returned that smile. She leant her head onto my shoulder and slid her arms around my waist.

 "I love you." She murmured. I smiled.

 "I love you more than a vampire can love" I replied. I was blissful. I turned around to see Jacob with his arm round the now fifteen year old Renesmee. She had grown her hair and straightened it with a machine that somehow seems to be able to do that to any hair. Her hair was now straight at the top, but wavy at the bottom. It was still a brilliant bronze colour. She looked beautiful. Jacob was laughing with her. His hair was short again, and- for once- he wore a shirt. Everyone else was behind them.

 I turned back around to see the glorious house that we were moving into. We had refurbished it to look exactly the same as the one back in Forks, but it was bigger. We had two extra rooms and a better kitchen with actual food. When we got in, it felt like home again.

The End

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