Day Break

First there was Twilight, then there was New Moon, and then there was Eclipse, then there was Breaking Dawn, and then there was The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, and then there was (sort of) Midnight Sun..Wait...Where am I going with this?
Oh yeah! And now there's 'Day Break'!

A few decades after their happy ending in Breaking Dawn, the Cullens, Hales and Jacobs find themselves in England, having left both Forks and Alaska. They now live in Forty Hill with a house very similar to the


I never knew real fear since I became a vampire. I was always so sure (or so idiotic) that I wasn't scared of anything until this exact moment. Staring at pure evil can change anyone-- even a vampire. I hadn't thought about this since I was done with it back in...whenever it was. But now I had to.

 Bella was grabbing my arm, trying to pull me away, but I wouldn't let her. I was staring at him straight in the eye; something you never do with an evil one. His eyes seemed to glow as he laughed evilly and dramatically.

 I guess I knew this would come. No one could be perfectly happy forever. And it was all my fault, so obviously no one could be perfect, period. But when you're so happy and in love, you forget about certain worries and secrets, and focus on the good in you second life.

 But now I was ready to face him. Or so I thought.

The End

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