Into the City She Goes

As Eveline sat in the taxi, watching the scenery change, watching the city approach, she could not completely comprehend how greatly her life was going to change. For the first time, she felt the brush of freedom's wings not solely in the darkness of the night, but in the light of the day. It was amazing.

It was terrifying.

The young woman was journeying away from all that was familiar and finally facing the unknown. There would be no parent there in the morning to hold her, soothe her, tell her that all she had done would be alright. No restrictions during the day, and far more dangers at night. She was aware of all of this on some level, perhaps too aware of just how much trouble she could find in the comforting anonymity of the evening.

Despite those thoughts, she still felt excitement rise up within her. There were so many things she had never had the chance to choose. So many things that a good girl was not supposed to do but that a part of her longed to do nonetheless. On her own, she vowed that she would become master of her own destiny.

It was with that thought uppermost in her mind that the taxi pulled in to the city and the driver leaned back to ask her destination.

"I... am not completely certain. I decent hotel, downtown or nearby that is relatively affordable?" Now that she was on her own she would have to make such decisions and she found it rather daunting. So many things she did not know.

The driver gave her a quizzical look, but smiled at her and nodded. "I know just the one. A good place to call home for a little while."

Melting back into the seat, Eveline bit her lower lip. This might be slightly trickier than she had anticipated. And yet...

The sights out the window brought her forward in her seat, straining against the seatbelt as she pressed her face to the window. Those few trips she had made here before had been brief things, far too structured to allow time to gawk out the window, perfectly orchestrated to get them in and out long before dusk could begin to soften the world.

Today, it was all up to her.

She could do as she wished, could explore as she willed, wander aimlessly. There were things she should take care of, but she found herself offering reasons why they could be taken care of the next day.

It was, all things considered, unusual that she might think that way while the sun shone. She did not, however, notice. She was entranced with the buildings that rushed by, the people she could see. Everything felt new simply because she knew she could explore it all.


The End

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