Day 82Mature

Thursday. It is cloudy today. Maybe the cloud cover will keep them away. Perimeter was slightly disturbed on the outer south wall but that could have been made by an animal. Nothing serious to report. I will continue to be vigilant. My only advantage comparable to their numbers is their low intelligence. I must venture over to North Street, two miles away. There might be some supplies left in the Walmart between Oak and Haven. Or it could be completely overrun and empty save my foes. I am only taking this risk out of need. I have ransacked almost the whole neighborhood save the section beyond the park. You go in, you don't come back. I am not superstitious but I am also not an idiot. I am the last. I should be back by tonight; if you get caught out after dark you're chances go from, "not likely" to "dead". I hate that word but it is the only one that fits. I will write tomorrow if my journey was successful. If not, well, that sucks I guess but my worries are over.

The End

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