The Beginning of the End- Part 1Mature

Day 81: Wednesday

It's been quiet today; too quiet. I no longer hear that tired, desperate banging and caterwauling on my cellar door. Their screaming stopped yesterday: finally. I have already done my perimeter check and all seems to be untouched. Unusual.  I will have to go out for supplies tomorrow but I wonder if today would be more suitible. It's clear and sunny and more importantly, there is no sign of them. I wonder what became of the cellar group although I probably know. Logically there is only one answer: deceased. I hesitate to say dead because it sounds so uncaring and unfeeling. But that's what it has come to. Alas, I am the only one left in my immediate surroundings that I am aware of. They must think there is no more food in the area and moved on. Hopefully. I will have to venture further tomorrow to find enough food and water for myself. Dangerous. However, starving to death or dehydration is not preferable. Still, the dangers outside don't exactly lay down a welcoming mat. Oh, well. This is what happens when your a survivor; you suffer to live. Is it worth it? I don't have an answer to that. Maybe tomorrow.

The End

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