Cecilia's journy, day one.

Cecilia learns to survivie on her own, to only have the world fall as she knew it.

I was forsed into this, I'd rather have a journal, but I guess this'll work.

My name is Cecilia, no one gave me a middle or last name, but I'm the smallest and sadly, an orphan. I am 18 right now, but my birthday is coming up, so soon I can move out! Ever since I can remember anything, I've been abnormal, being dropped off at this prison they call an orphanege the day I was born, my way of being me, and the fact I look like the human version of a raven. All the other kids at school make fun of my pale skin and my raven-like sounds. Really, I just wish I could tear them apart! I mean, I have feelings too! I'm human! Well, kinda. My housemother says that the reason I get along with my pet raven is because when a gust of wind came, his egg landed in the box I was in, and he hatched there. She just thinks I'm half raven. So, I've decided that I'll run away, the Tree Ring is a good place to hide: the deep and dark places give me a good hiding place, and the waters and plentifull food will give me a better chance of surviving. Well, I guess I'll write tomorrow, or this will be my first and last writing in a diery.

~Cecilia Ravenwing

The End

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