Jade- Prologue


July 30th, the year 2042, a year after the new empire has been completed

"Your food is here," one of the guards said flatly, opening the door of my cell just enough to place a plate of tasteless food on the floor. After he'd put the plate on the floor, he pulled his paw out of the way and slammed the door shut quickly so that I couldn't try to escape. He locked the cell once more, using the touch-screen monitor on the wall beside the door. 

"Thanks," I told him, my tone obviously sarcastic. The guard glared at me for a moment before turning and walking away, his tail trailing on the ground behind him. I snorted and reached for the plate, grumbling to myself, "Cats as our overlords. This is rubbish." 

Rubbish as it may be, it was simply how things were now. Twelve years ago, the process had started.

2030, the evolution of the cats began. And I mean real evolution. They started to walk on two legs, like humans. Their paws changed into furry hands. They got bigger, human sized, almost. Most of the newly evolved cats stand at 5'4" or so.

2031, the year that they began to learn how to use weapons. In that year they learned how to speak every human language possible. They learned how to use their new hands. And they began to prepare for war.

2032. That's when the first war started. It lasted six months, and after it, the entire United Kingdom was either dead or enslaved. The wars kept coming. It took five years, but eventually the cats won. Earth was theirs, and the humans they'd kept alive were their new slaves.

The cats used their new slaves to build this. The Feline Empire. Building it took four years, but it was finally completed in 2041. Once it was finished, the cats killed every single one of their human slaves.

Except for three. 

The End

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