Alonso- Prologue

Diary Entry #1-

May 17th, the year 2030, six days before ‘the incident’

The next morning at seven thirty, exactly twelve hours after Alonso had met Jason Cain in the introduction session, the boy shuffled into his office once more. He looked exhausted, the purple circles under his eyes looking even darker than they had the night before, and he didn’t smile whatsoever.

“Morning, sir,” Jason mumbled quietly, sinking down into one of the leather chairs in front of my desk. He looked at the ground, neatly folding his hands on his lap.

“Good morning, Jason,” Alonso said in response, flashing him a smile. He opened the top drawer on the left side of his desk and brought out his notepad, asking, “How are you feeling today?”

“Horrid,” was all that Jason said in response.

Alonso nodded and jotted it down. “And why is that?”

Jason looked up, his ice-blue gaze set on him. His messy brown hair fell into his left eye a bit, and his face was covered in a small dash of freckles.  “Nightmares. Horrid nightmares,” he said quietly as he jotted it down on his notepad. “And… and… I just feel horrid, all together.”

“I see,” Alonso said. “What were these nightmares about?”

His blue eyes filled with alarm. With an anxious tone, Jason said, “I cannot tell you. He… he told me I couldn’t tell you. I can’t tell anyone.”

“Who are you speaking of?” He asked, looking up from his notebook in surprise. “Who is this ‘he’?”

“I… I can’t tell you…”

Alonso glanced back down at his notepad thoughtfully for a moment. “I think your anxiety is coming from the same thing that’s giving you nightmares, Jason Cain. Have you ever been diagnosed with Nightmare Disorder?”

“Diary, if I could travel in time, I’d go back to that moment. Because that’s the moment that could have changed the fate of Earth, and all of humanity. Incorrectly diagnosing my patient may have been the reason all of this happened in the first place.”


The End

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