Alonso- Prologue

The year 2042. The Feline Empire is strengthening, but evil is stirring in its midst. Plots of overthrowing the emperors are made, and captives are soon to escape. How did the Feline Empire begin, and is this its end?

Diary Entry #1:

"The last few weeks have been horrid. Absolutely, with no other word to explain it, horrid. So much has happened; I'm not quite sure whether or not to believe myself, as I write this. Part of me thinks this is just a nightmare, a bad dream, and I'll wake up from it soon. But I know deep down that isn't the truth.

"My name is Alonso. Dr. Alonso Tanon, to be exact. Professional author, part-time therapist. Or at least, I was before this all began. Now I'm a prisoner, held against my will in a metal cage, like an animal. Which is a little amusing, considering who my new overlords are. I suppose I should back up a bit, though, back to the day this all began...

May 16th, the year 2030, a week before 'the incident'

"Dr. Tanon, your new patient's here to see you," his assistant, Alison, said as she ducked into his small office in the therapy clinic. A teenage boy stood at the doorway behind her, his hands in the pockets of his tight black jeans, his pale blue eyes staring at the ground. 

"What's your name?" Dr. Alonso Tanon asked, resting his elbows on the edge of his cluttered desk. He asked the question even though he already knew the answer.

"Jason, sir," the boy mumbled, lifting his head just the slightest bit. He was still standing in the doorway, blocking the exit from Alison, who was now standing awkwardly in the corner. "Jason Cain."

Alonso nodded. "And what are you here for, Jason Cain?" Yet another question that he already knew the answer to. 

Jason Cain shuffled forward a few paces and looked up at him fully. His pale, ice-blue eyes were underlined with purple circles, and his skin was a few shades paler than most teenagers. "I've been having some dreams, sir."

"Diary, that is the moment that all of this began. I just didn't know it at the time..."

The End

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