with no memory of who was, a young man working for a legal mercenary company gets dragged into a war on a galactic scale. after meeting some one who knows him from before, he must fight, lie, steal and piece his past together if he has any hope of surviving. but his own survival isnt the only thing at stake.

The moon light filtered through the open archways as wind made the curtains dance. The stars shone bright as two figures hurried through the hushed halls of the imperial palace. Panicked, hushed breaths marked the pair’s passage through the silent palace as they ran. Knowing the intricate maze of marble and onyx that was her home, she lead her partner further, both knowing that their every step was one closer to their goal, to his escape.

The heavy thud of armoured feet from up ahead made the pair skid to a halt. Their breaths caught in their throats and fear widened their eyes. She quickly looked around, trying to find an escape. Voices could now be heard. He let go of her hand and she panicked, spinning on the spot to see what happened to him. In the shadowed moon light, he leant over the edge of the large window and looked around.

“what are you doing?” she stressed in a panicked tone.

“we can jump!” he said, still looking out the window.

“what?!” disbelief, panic and fear starting to creep over the edge, threating to cause hysteria in her.

“we can jump”, he repeated. “there is water down there and its not far up”, he turned back to her. Voices and foot falls could now be heard, louder then before. Not just in front of them, but also behind. He started to climb up and over the ledge before turning around to her and holding out his hand. She frantically looked back and forth, disbelief and fear controlling her actions.

“we can make it” he said, hand out stretched for her. “trust me”. He was smiling. The voices creeped closer and she looked back in one more fearful search for an alternative. With a tentative hand, she reached out and took his warm hand. With a strength that belied his size he hefted her up on to the ledge. As the foot steps grew closer, she looked over at the boy and saw him smiling. He looked to her, no fear in his eyes and a grin on his face and she knew they would be alright.

She felt herself smile as well, and then their feet left the edge and a yawning void opened up below her. Hands still held, the pair dropped. Wind rushed through their hair and made their clothes billow. They fell what seemed like forever and then were in gulfed in the warm water, surfacing moments later into the night. They gathered themselves and made for the shore. They climbed on to dry land, their clothes drenched. She got up and slapped him square across the face, stunning him for a second, then causing him to laugh.

“don’t you ever do that again. EVER!” she said with anger and fear mixing in her voice. He continued laughing. She stood there fuming at this wet, stupid, laughing idiot in front of her. Then she started laughing as well. A shout made both stop and turn back towards the palace. Armoured guards could be seen in the window they had just jumped from and both remembered why they were running. She grabbed his hand and pulled him up and away. “the docks are down this way”, she said as she quite literally dragged him into the streets and through the buildings.

They ran, turning and winding their way through, avoiding main roads and using back alleys, staying in the shadows when they could. They crested a hill and the giant city spanned before them. Off to the right and at the edge of the water was the port. Ships coming and going even at this late hour.

Hope filled their eyes, only to be dashed by the sound of shouting and heavy foot falls from their pursuers closing in. with their brief respite shattered, the pair set off again, their goal in sight. Running through thee back streets again, they rounded a corner and smacked straight into a pair of guards, falling back onto their asses in the process. The guards spun around and saw who hit them and smiled. They had found their quarry. Weapons drawn, the guards moved in closer for the kill. An armoured hand closed in around the boys neck as he tried to get away. With a wicked laugh, the guard readied his sword to plunge into the boys stomach. The boy locked eyes with his intended killer, defiance brimming and mixing with fear, and watched as surprise and horror flashed in the guards eyes before the life faded from them.

As the guards grip loosened and the boy fell, a flash of a sword glinting in the light as it withdrew from the guards neck filled his vision. The other guard turned in time to parry a slash meant for his neck, knocking him off balance. He was not so lucky with the second time as the sword pierced his chest, a gurgled cry marking his last breath.

The pair looked at their rescuer with disbelief. It was the girl who rose first and hugged the one who saved them. With a smile he returned the gesture before breaking away and reaching a hand out to the boy.

“come children, others will come” he directed, and with out question the pair followed him. They managed to make it to the docks with out further incident, narrowly avoiding a number of patrols along the way. As they got close to one of the private docks, their rescuer motioned for the young pair to wait as he walked up to one of the dock workers. After a brief exchange eh waved them over and lead them to a nearby ship docked not far off. As they approached, one of the crew members noticed their approach and waited for them. He eyed the trio up and down before finally settling on the boy.

“is this the one?” he asked. A simple nod was given in response. The crewmember mimicked the gesture. “hurry aboard, we leave soon”.

“just give me a second”, the boy asked. A grunt of approval was given and the boy exhaled a sigh of relief. He turned to his escape partner and stared her straight in the eyes. She could only hold the gesture for a second longer before turning away, tears streaming down her face and biting her lower lip. He placed his hands on her cheeks and pulled her face closer to his. With her eyes still closed he leant in. the pairs lips embraced. The kiss lasting for what seemed like an eternity to them. A bellow form the ship echoed by various crewmembers broke the pair apart.

“don’t look back”, she whispered.

“same goes for you” he replied. “we will see each other again”. He pulled away and walked up to the gang plank and up into the ship. Keeping true to those words just spoken he didn’t look back. The girl turned away and did the same. Within moments the engines roared to life and the cargo ship coasted out of the dock. The engines flared as it picked up speed and tilted towards the stars. Their rescuer placed a clawed hand on the girl, steadying her as she sobbed. “there are only two times an Indolan cries: when they bring new life into this world, and when their soul mate leaves them” he looked down at her. “ you will see each other again”. the pair stood at the docks, the captain of the royal guard watched and comforted the princess as the ship sailed into the night sky, now nothing more than a bright speck as it left the atmosphere.

The End

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