Epilogue; Part 2Mature

The next day Gabriel, Sylver and Dawn waited for matron. The clock ticked over to midday and Gabriel growled.

"If she must insist on making me uncomfortable and asking awkward questions she could at least be on time.” He said “this is plain rude.”

“Calm down.” Sylver said moving his knight on the chess board. Dawn frowned at the board that was balanced on the bed sheets he reached out to take his move.

“Think” Gabriel grumbled Dawn pulled his hand back and looked again then he smiled and took Sylver's queen.

“checkmate.” He grinned.

“What?” Sylver frowned examining the board. “You’re right.” He smiled.

“You’re getting better.” Lou said from the end of the bed Dawn jumped up upsetting the board.

“What are you doing here?” he growled.

“I came to check in on my three favourite angels.” Lou grinned Gabriel snorted.
“And what if you're caught?” he asked.

“I've been floating around this palace for years.” Lou said “besides I can risk it for now.”

“Why?” Sylver asked rescuing the chess pieces from the bed and dropping them into their small bag.

“Because I have someone to risk it for.” Lou smiled looking at Dawn who looked away. “Do you want me to leave Dawn?” Lou asked.

“I suppose you can do what you like.” Dawn said looking at Gabriel as the prince pulled himself up.

“But do you want me to leave?” Lou asked again.

“I suppose not.” Dawn looked at him then pulled the dagger from his belt. “This is yours.” He held it out Lou smiled his chocolate eyes growing warmer.

“No it’s yours.” He said.

“It’s not.” Dawn growled pushing the handle towards Lou.

“Dawn,” Lou said he gently pushed Dawn's hand aside and lay his hands on his sons shoulders. “I want you to keep it, take care of it for me.” Dawn looked at the tall daemon then nodded.

“Sure” he mumbled Lou let him go.
“I have a gift for you all.” He smiled and vanished.

“Huh?” Sylver frowned then Lou reappeared holding a long black staff out to Dawn.

“This is for you.” He smiled Dawn's mouth opened slightly. Lou sighed patiently and gripped his son’s wrist lifting Dawn's hand to take the staff. Dawn saw Gabriel's seal already engraved in the silver caps.

“Thank you.” Dawn said he didn’t know what else to say Lou smiled at him.

“and just for you,” he waved his hand and one of the caps turned black gold flames burned just beneath the metals surface. “You have my seal too.” Dawn sat down heavily the staff clutched tightly in his fist.

“I don’t know what to say.” he mumbled.

“Then don’t say anything” Lou laughed.

“And for you.” He looked at Gabriel “firstly and most importantly you have my son, take care of him." Gabriel nodded his skin was pale his lips tinged a pale blue.

“This may have to wait a moment.” Sylver frowned.

“I'm fine” Gabriel growled Lou nodded and moved past Dawn smiling at the large angel Dawn nodded and Lou bent down fastening a thin chain around Gabriel's neck, the prince looked down an saw a tiny star hanging just below his collar.

“I’ll be here if you really need me.” Lou took Gabriel's hands and a warm fire spread through the prince Gabriel relaxed and smiled.

“Sylver,” Lou said standing straight he turned to the angel.

“I don’t want anything” Sylver frowned.

“I don’t care.” Lou laughed “a good friend of mine is waiting in the library for you, you already know her well and the renewal is scheduled for this afternoon.”

“I can’t.” Sylver said he swore that the tiny reserve of magick he had managed to gather shrank away at the very thought.

“No need,” Lou smiled “Val is overseeing it,”

“You know Val?” Sylver frowned.

“Quite well actually, she was my magick teacher.” He grinned. “Also you have a new set of furniture in a larger office in the library, also there is a new bed rather than that strange mix of wood, straw and cotton that once resembled a bed that you were sleeping on”  

“I was busy.” Sylver mumbled his cheeks turning pink.

“Now you can be busy and comfortable.” Lou laughed.

“”why have you done all of this?” Dawn asked finally looking up at the daemon who smiled widely.

“Well, I do have some birthdays to catch up on and these are a thanks you too all of you.”

“What for?” Sylver asked.

“For keeping me on my toes and for helping me get to know my son again.” he said “anyway I’d better get going someone’s coming”

“finally.” Gabriel growled.
“It’s not matron,” Lou said he waved and vanished.    

The End

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