Epilogue; Part 1Mature

It took a few days to get to the palace Gabriel was transferred from the tent and carried on a stretcher to his rooms by Dawn and Tairas and the prince grumbled all the way.

“I can get there by myself.” He growled.

“Perhaps but we can’t wait three days for you to navigate the stairs.” Sylver smiled patiently walking behind them Gabriel growled. “I will go and get matron.”

“No” Gabriel snapped “I want one nights sleep in a decent bed before getting pulled around.” He gripped Dawn's arm tightly his eyes squeezed shut as Dawn transferred him into his own bed.

“Fine” Sylver sighed “but I’ll call her first thing in the morning.”

“Fine” Gabriel grumbled as Dawn pulled the covers over him.

“Can I stay on your couch?” Sylver asked quietly.

“Why?” Gabriel frowned.
“Because I'm exhausted” Sylver said “and besides it’s going to be odd down there without Marcus.” Gabriel nodded.

“Sure” he said.


Sylver was pulling his boots off when Dawn came into the lounge,

“Gabriel asked me to give you this.” Dawn said holding a thick blanket out to the angel.

“Thanks” Sylver said looking at the angel. “Is something wrong?” Dawn shrugged.

“I'm worried about Gabriel” Dawn said.
“I gathered that.” Sylver smiled patting the sofa beside him Dawn sat down “what else?”

“everything.” Dawn sighed running his hands over his hair. “Lou, your mother, Gabriel everything.” Sylver nodded resting a hand on Dawn's shoulder.
“Try and get some sleep, we can talk tomorrow when matrons here.” He said smiling. “We won’t be allowed in when she sorts him out.”

“Why is she like that?” Dawn frowned Sylver laughed.

“She’s not, he is” Dawn smiled then yawned his jaw cracking “bed now” Sylver ordered.

“Good night” Dawn said standing up.


Dawn shut the bedroom door and tiptoed past Gabriel's bed to his own door.

“Dawn?” the prince said quietly the large angel stopped and looked at the bed.

“Why aren’t you asleep?” he scolded.

“Because it’s cold.” Gabriel said,

“I’ll get a blanket for you.” Dawn said.

“Dawn” Gabriel growled “come here.” Dawn moved so Gabriel could see him.

“Yes?” he said

“I take it now we’re back you don’t want to sleep in here?” Gabriel asked.

“Of course I do.” Dawn said slightly shocked

“Then sleep here.”

“But…” Dawn said looking at his hands.

“Fine” Gabriel sighed “then piss off.” The prince turned his head away and Dawn frowned.

“Hey” he snapped “do you ever think before you open our mouth?”

“Excuse me?” Gabriel growled turning back to look at the angry angel.

“The reason I was going to sleep in my own room, sire, is because I don’t want to hurt you any more than you already are.” Dawn snarled “but I bet you didn’t think about that did you?” Gabriel paused realizing that he was wrong.

“No” he admitted. “I'm sorry.”

“You always are.” Dawn growled “I thought you were dead.” Dawn said suddenly. Gabriel reached his arm out painfully to the large angel.

“Please Dawn I am sorry.” Dawn sighed and crawled onto the bed letting Gabriel wrap his arm loosely around him. “Tell me what else is wrong”

“Sire?” Dawn asked looking at Gabriel.
“You’ve barely spoken to me for the last few days I've barely even seen you.”

“I know” Dawn said “I haven’t known what to say.”

“Why?” Gabriel said quietly.

“A few things.” Dawn sighed.
“Well first get your boots off my bed.” Gabriel smiled Dawn laughed “then get changed for bed and come and talk to me.” The prince lit a cigarette and passed one to Dawn the large angel put it down and pulled his shirt off. “Stop” Gabriel ordered, “What’s that?” Dawn froze.

“What’s what?” Gabriel pointed at Dawn's ribs a thick black bruise curled round to the angels back. “I'm not sure, I woke up at Aim’s with it.”

“It needs looking at if it’s been there that long”

“Its nothing” Dawn said pulling on a loose fitting shirt he pulled on soft clean trousers.

“Dawn” Gabriel said the large angel looked at him, “come here.” Dawn slid into the bed beside him and Gabriel stubbed out the half smoked cigarette. “Matron can look at you tomorrow.”

“After you” Dawn said smiling and closing his eyes.



The End

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