Food and FriendsMature

Gabriel woke up when the convoy was moving again he groaned as every step they took jarred his sore limbs, Sylver looked up from his book.

“Are you okay?” he asked Gabriel growled as the tent bounced.

“Perfect,” Gabriel snarled Sylver closed his book.

“Gabriel.” he said taking his brothers hands.

“What?” Gabriel asked clenching his teeth.

“What happened after we left you?” Gabriel looked at him.

“You don’t want to know.” He yelped as the tent was set down roughly. Sylver stood letting go of his brothers hands and stormed to the entrance, tearing it open he saw the angels who had been carrying it walking away.

“Hey” he snarled the six angels turned to him kneeling down as they realized who it was. “I suggest you are more careful in future you happen to be carrying your prince.”

“Sorry, your grace.” One of the angels muttered the others all mumbled in apology.

“You will be, does it again and you'll all be on kitchen duty for the rest of the year.” They all muttered apologies again and Sylver stormed back into the tent.

“Permission to enter?” a voice said once Sylver had sat down.

“fine.” Gabriel said pulling his hands away from Sylver.

“I'm not finished” Sylver growled as Francis and Dawn came in.

“I don’t care” Gabriel snapped “you're annoyed and I don’t fancy being burnt alive.” Dawn laughed as he set the cooking pot down.

“That smells wonderful” Sylver smiled.

“I made something else today” Francis smiled lifting the lid.

“Venison” Gabriel grinned.

“I told Francis about the spoon issue,” Dawn said sitting down beside the prince.

“And this was Dawn's idea too.” Francis said pulling a cotton sack from her waist and unwrapped a steaming loaf of bread.

“It does raise another issue though” Gabriel sighed.

“What problem?” Sylver asked.

“Two of my teeth are loose.” Gabriel said.

“Why didn't you say?” Sylver growled.

“I had enough problems without mentioning stupid little ones.” Gabriel snapped.

“Not so stupid now.” Sylver smiled.

“It’s alright” Gabriel said “they’re both on the right side so I’ll try, if not I’ll suck it to death.” Sylver snorted as Dawn choked.

“It’s been steamed so it should be soft enough” Francis said bemused at her prince as he sniggered.

“Will you join us?” Sylver asked as she moved to leave.

“Thank you your grace but her majesty must eat too.” Francis sighed “if I don’t sit over her she falls asleep.”

“How is she?” Sylver asked.

“Exhausted” Francis said quietly “even with Dawn's magick it was too little too late, she drained herself and needs time to recover.” Sylver nodded. “I think though” she smiled at Dawn “you're in her good books.”

“Why?” Dawn frowned.

“A few reasons,” Francis smiled “but due to your quick thinking in charging her magick she has been saved a week or so of recovery and is conscious.” Dawn turned a deep red and looked at his hands mumbling something. “Pardon?” Francis frowned.

“She’s welcome.” Gabriel translated as Dawn shook his head Francis laughed.  

The End

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