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Dawn pulled the tie and the spoon from Gabriel's hand and looked at the tired prince. Outside the tent someone called the hour and Dawn yawned, it was getting late.

“Dawn?” Gabriel said quietly “Sylver found our packs before we left didn’t he?”

“Yes sire” Dawn nodded.

“Look in yours Sylver put something in there for you.” Dawn moved kneeling beside the pile of bags at the end of Gabriel's bed. He opened his own and his dagger fell out of it, Dawn picked it up slowly.

“I thought I’d lost it.” He said softly rubbing his thumb over the capital L that marked the hilt and he sighed.

“I suppose you don’t want it now” Gabriel smiled.

“No” Dawn said “I do want it but it belongs to Lou”

“It belongs to you” Gabriel said Dawn looked up at him. “It’s a reminder of who you are.” Dawn nodded slowly. “Could you get my brush from my bag Dawn?” Gabriel said. Dawn tucked the dagger in his belt and pulled the brush from the princes bag. Dawn stopped and looked at Gabriel, the princes arm was back in its sling.

“Can I do it?” he asked.

“Do what?” Gabriel frowned.

“Your hair.” Dawn smiled Gabriel glared at him.

“I suppose you'll have too.” The prince said painfully pulling himself into a sitting position. Dawn carefully pulled the braid apart making sure it was all untied he noticed dried blood matting the hair down on one side of Gabriel's head.

“Hang on” Dawn smiled he left the tent for a few moments and returned quickly carrying a pitcher of water and a cloth.

Gabriel shivered suddenly as Dawn pulled the brush through his damp hair.

“Are you okay?” Dawn asked.

“Fine” Gabriel smiled “you can do this again.” Dawn laughed as Gabriel lay back in his lap, Dawn smiled down at the prince.


Gabriel awake the next morning to Sylver holding his hands.

“I said no more healing.” Gabriel growled.

“I'm not.” Sylver said.

“It feels like it.” Gabriel tried to pull his hands away but Sylver gripped him tightly.

“We’re moving again soon” Sylver said “I'm basically numbing your nerves.” Gabriel frowned.

“Why not just give me painkillers?” he asked.

“There’s none left.” Sylver sighed “some of the other soldiers were injured and they're not as stubborn as you are.” Gabriel smiled.

“Where’s Dawn?” he asked.

“Out with the hunting party.” Sylver said letting Gabriel go, “Francis is looking after him.”


Dawn was crouched behind a tree, Francis watched him closely she was wondering what he was doing when the large angels hand shot out grabbing a large rabbit by the scruff of its neck, it kicked violently before Dawn broke its neck.

“That was impressive.” Francis smiled,

“G… his highness taught me.” Dawn shrugged.

“You can use his name around me Dawn.” Francis smiled as the large angel stood up, Francis whipped round the bow in her hands rising she fired, Dawn heard something heavy fall a few feet from them.

They moved together and soon saw a young female deer laying in the grass, Dawn smiled.

“And you said I was impressive?” he said kneeling to stroke the animals neck, Francis laughed quietly.

“I've probably had more practise than you,” she said blowing a whistle around her neck three times. Three big angels hurried over to them two angels lifted the deer and one relieved Dawn of the rabbit taking them back to the camp.

“I don’t think Gabriel will be happy with rabbit again.” Dawn smiled

“No” Francis agreed “I think we should go out further one deer wont feed that rabble anyway.” Dawn nodded and together they moved off into the gathering darkness.



The End

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